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RosegardenGUIApp Class Reference

#include <rosegardengui.h>

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Detailed Description

The base class for RosegardenGUI application windows. It sets up the main window and reads the config file as well as providing a menubar, toolbar and statusbar. An instance of RosegardenGUIView creates your center view, which is connected to the window's Doc object. RosegardenGUIApp reimplements the methods that KTMainWindow provides for main window handling and supports full session management as well as keyboard accelerator configuration by using KAccel.
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Definition at line 106 of file rosegardengui.h.

Public Types

enum  ImportType {
  ImportRG4, ImportMIDI, ImportRG21, ImportHydrogen,

Public Slots

void slotActivateTool (QString toolName)
void slotAddAudioFile (Rosegarden::AudioFileId)
void slotAddTrack ()
void slotAddTracks ()
void slotAudioManager ()
void slotAudioManagerClosed ()
void slotAudioMixerClosed ()
void slotAutoSave ()
void slotAutoSplitSelection ()
void slotBankEditorClosed ()
void slotBugGuidelines ()
void slotCancelAudioPlayingFile (Rosegarden::AudioFileId)
void slotChangeCompositionLength ()
void slotChangePluginConfiguration (Rosegarden::InstrumentId, int index, bool global, QString key, QString value)
void slotChangePluginPort (Rosegarden::InstrumentId instrument, int index, int portIndex, float value)
void slotChangePluginProgram (Rosegarden::InstrumentId instrument, int index, QString program)
void slotChangeTempo (Rosegarden::timeT time, Rosegarden::tempoT value, Rosegarden::tempoT target, TempoDialog::TempoDialogAction action)
void slotChangeZoom (int index)
void slotCloseTransport ()
 When the transport closes.
void slotConfigure ()
void slotControlEditorClosed ()
void slotCopyRange ()
void slotCutRange ()
void slotDebugDump ()
void slotDeleteAllAudioFiles ()
void slotDeleteAudioFile (Rosegarden::AudioFileId)
void slotDeleteRange ()
void slotDeleteSegments (const Rosegarden::SegmentSelection &)
void slotDeleteSelectedSegments ()
void slotDeleteTempo (Rosegarden::timeT time)
void slotDeleteTrack ()
void slotDeleteTransport ()
void slotDeviceManagerClosed ()
void slotDisplayBarTime (Rosegarden::timeT t)
void slotDockParametersBack ()
void slotDocumentDevicesResyncd ()
void slotDocumentModified (bool modified=true)
void slotDrawSelected ()
void slotEdit ()
void slotEditAsNotation ()
void slotEditBanks (Rosegarden::DeviceId)
void slotEditBanks ()
void slotEditControlParameters (Rosegarden::DeviceId)
void slotEditCopy ()
void slotEditCut ()
void slotEditDocumentProperties ()
void slotEditInEventList ()
void slotEditInMatrix ()
void slotEditInPercussionMatrix ()
void slotEditKeys ()
void slotEditMarkers ()
void slotEditPaste ()
void slotEditTempo (QWidget *parent, Rosegarden::timeT atTime)
void slotEditTempo (QWidget *parent)
void slotEditTempo (Rosegarden::timeT atTime)
void slotEditTempo ()
void slotEditTempos (Rosegarden::timeT openAtTime)
void slotEditTempos ()
void slotEditTimeSignature (QWidget *parent, Rosegarden::timeT atTime)
void slotEditTimeSignature (QWidget *parent)
void slotEditTimeSignature (Rosegarden::timeT atTime)
void slotEditTimeSignature ()
void slotEditToolbars ()
void slotEnableMIDIThruRouting ()
void slotEnableTransport (bool)
void slotEraseSelected ()
void slotExportCsound ()
void slotExportLilypond ()
void slotExportMIDI ()
void slotExportMup ()
void slotExportMusicXml ()
void slotExportProject ()
void slotFastforward ()
void slotFastForwardToEnd ()
void slotFileClose ()
void slotFileNew ()
void slotFileNewWindow ()
void slotFileOpen ()
void slotFileOpenRecent (const KURL &)
void slotFilePrint ()
void slotFilePrintPreview ()
void slotFileSave ()
bool slotFileSaveAs ()
void slotGrooveQuantize ()
void slotHarmonizeSelection ()
void slotImportDefaultStudio ()
void slotImportHydrogen ()
void slotImportMIDI ()
void slotImportProject ()
void slotImportRG21 ()
void slotImportStudio ()
void slotImportStudioFromFile (const QString &file)
void slotJogLeft ()
void slotJogRight ()
void slotJoinSegments ()
void slotJoinSelected ()
void slotJumpToTime (int sec, int usec)
void slotLilypondViewProcessExited (KProcess *)
void slotManageMetronome ()
void slotManageMIDIDevices ()
void slotManageSynths ()
void slotManageTriggerSegments ()
void slotMarkerEditorClosed ()
void slotMerge ()
void slotMergeHydrogen ()
void slotMergeMIDI ()
void slotMergeRG21 ()
void slotMidiMixerClosed ()
void slotModifyMIDIFilters ()
void slotMoveSelected ()
void slotMoveTempo (Rosegarden::timeT oldTime, Rosegarden::timeT newTime)
void slotMoveTrackDown ()
void slotMoveTrackUp ()
void slotMuteAllTracks ()
void slotOpenAudioMixer ()
virtual void slotOpenAudioPathSettings ()
virtual void slotOpenDroppedURL (QString url)
void slotOpenMidiMixer ()
void slotPanic ()
 Panic button pressed.
void slotParametersClosed ()
void slotParametersDockedBack (KDockWidget *, KDockWidget::DockPosition)
void slotPasteRange ()
void slotPlay ()
void slotPlayAudioFile (Rosegarden::AudioFileId, const Rosegarden::RealTime &, const Rosegarden::RealTime &)
void slotPlayList ()
void slotPlayListClosed ()
void slotPlayListPlay (QString url)
void slotPluginBypassed (Rosegarden::InstrumentId, int index, bool bypassed)
void slotPluginDialogDestroyed (Rosegarden::InstrumentId instrument, int index)
void slotPluginGUIExited (Rosegarden::InstrumentId, int index)
void slotPluginPortChanged (Rosegarden::InstrumentId instrument, int index, int portIndex)
void slotPluginProgramChanged (Rosegarden::InstrumentId instrument, int index)
void slotPluginSelected (Rosegarden::InstrumentId instrument, int index, int plugin)
void slotPointerSelected ()
void slotPopulateTrackInstrumentPopup ()
void slotPreviewLilypond ()
void slotQuantizeSelection ()
void slotQuit ()
void slotRecord ()
void slotRefreshTimeDisplay ()
void slotRelabelSegments ()
void slotRemapInstruments ()
void slotRepeatingSegments ()
void slotRepeatQuantizeSelection ()
void slotRescaleSelection ()
void slotResetMidiNetwork ()
void slotResizeSelected ()
void slotRevertToSaved ()
void slotRewind ()
void slotRewindToBeginning ()
void slotSaveDefaultStudio ()
void slotSaveOptions ()
void slotSelectAll ()
void slotSequencerExited (KProcess *)
void slotSetLoop ()
void slotSetLoop (Rosegarden::timeT lhs, Rosegarden::timeT rhs)
void slotSetLoopStart ()
void slotSetLoopStop ()
void slotSetPlayPosition (Rosegarden::timeT position)
void slotSetPointerPosition (Rosegarden::timeT t)
void slotSetSegmentDurations ()
void slotSetSegmentStartTimes ()
void slotShowPluginDialog (QWidget *parent, Rosegarden::InstrumentId instrument, int index)
void slotShowPluginGUI (Rosegarden::InstrumentId, int index)
void slotShowTip ()
void slotSplitSelected ()
void slotSplitSelectionAtTime ()
void slotSplitSelectionByPitch ()
void slotSplitSelectionByRecordedSrc ()
void slotStartAtTime (int sec, int usec)
void slotStateChanged (QString, bool noReverse)
void slotStatusHelpMsg (QString text)
void slotStatusMsg (QString text)
void slotStop ()
void slotStopPluginGUI (Rosegarden::InstrumentId, int index)
void slotSynthPluginManagerClosed ()
void slotTempoToSegmentLength (QWidget *parent)
void slotTempoToSegmentLength ()
void slotTempoViewClosed ()
void slotTestClipboard ()
void slotTestStartupTester ()
void slotToggleChordNameRuler ()
void slotToggleEditorsToolBar ()
void slotToggleMetronome ()
void slotTogglePreviews ()
void slotToggleRecord ()
void slotToggleRulers ()
void slotToggleSegmentLabels ()
void slotToggleSolo (bool)
void slotToggleStatusBar ()
void slotToggleTempoRuler ()
void slotToggleToolBar ()
void slotToggleToolsToolBar ()
void slotToggleTracking ()
void slotToggleTrackLabels ()
void slotToggleTracksToolBar ()
void slotToggleTransport ()
void slotToggleTransportToolBar ()
void slotToggleZoomToolBar ()
void slotTrackDown ()
void slotTrackUp ()
void slotTriggerManagerClosed ()
void slotTutorial ()
void slotUnmuteAllTracks ()
void slotUnsetLoop ()
void slotUpdateAutoSaveInterval (unsigned int interval)
void slotUpdateCPUMeter (bool playing)
void slotUpdateMonitoring ()
void slotUpdatePlaybackPosition ()
void slotUpdateSidebarStyle (unsigned int style)
void slotUpdateToolbars ()
void slotZoomIn ()
void slotZoomOut ()


void compositionStateUpdate ()
 emitted when the composition state (selected track, solo, etc...) changes
void documentAboutToChange ()
 emitted just before the document is changed
void documentChanged (RosegardenGUIDoc *)
 emitted when the current document changes
void instrumentParametersChanged (Rosegarden::InstrumentId)
 emitted when instrument parameters change (relayed from InstrumentParameterBox)
void pluginBypassed (Rosegarden::InstrumentId, int, bool)
 emitted when a plugin dialog (un)bypasses a plugin
void pluginSelected (Rosegarden::InstrumentId, int, int)
 emitted when a plugin dialog selects a plugin
void segmentsSelected (const Rosegarden::SegmentSelection &)
 emitted when the set of selected segments changes (relayed from RosegardenGUIView)
void startupStatusMessage (QString message)

DCOP Member Functions

DCOPRef action (const QCString &name)
QMap< QCString, DCOPRef > actionMap ()
QCStringList actions ()

Public Member Functions

virtual void alive ()
void exportCsoundFile (QString url)
bool exportLilypondFile (QString url, bool forPreview=false)
void exportMIDIFile (QString url)
void exportMupFile (QString url)
void exportMusicXmlFile (QString url)
virtual void fastForward ()
virtual void fastForwardToEnd ()
virtual void fileClose ()
virtual void fileNew ()
virtual void fileSave ()
Rosegarden::ClipboardgetClipboard ()
RosegardenGUIDocgetDocument () const
RosegardenProgressBar * getProgressBar ()
Rosegarden::SequenceManager * getSequenceManager ()
Rosegarden::RosegardenTransportDialog * getTransport ()
RosegardenGUIViewgetView ()
void iFaceDelayedInit (KMainWindow *)
void importProject (QString filePath)
bool isSequencerExternal ()
bool isSequencerRunning ()
bool isTrackEditorPlayTracking () const
bool isUsingSequencer ()
virtual void jumpToTime (int sec, int usec)
bool launchSequencer (bool useExistingSequencer)
void mergeFile (QString filePath, ImportType type)
virtual void mergeFile (QString filePath)
virtual void notifySequencerStatus (int status)
void openFile (QString filePath, ImportType type)
virtual void openFile (QString filePath)
void openURL (const KURL &url)
virtual void openURL (QString url)
virtual void play ()
void plugAccelerators (QWidget *widget, QAccel *accel)
virtual void processAsynchronousMidi (const Rosegarden::MappedComposition &)
virtual void quit ()
virtual void record ()
virtual void rewind ()
virtual void rewindToBeginning ()
 RosegardenGUIApp (bool useSequencer=true, bool useExistingSequencer=false, QObject *startupStatusMessageReceiver=0)
virtual void setCursor (const QCursor &)
virtual void startAtTime (int sec, int usec)
virtual void stop ()

Static Public Member Functions

static RosegardenGUIAppself ()

Protected Member Functions

void createAndSetupTransport ()
RosegardenGUIDoccreateDocument (QString filePath, ImportType type=ImportRG4)
RosegardenGUIDoccreateDocumentFromHydrogenFile (QString filePath)
RosegardenGUIDoccreateDocumentFromMIDIFile (QString filePath)
RosegardenGUIDoccreateDocumentFromRG21File (QString filePath)
RosegardenGUIDoccreateDocumentFromRGFile (QString filePath)
QString createNewAudioFile ()
QValueVector< QString > createRecordAudioFiles (const QValueVector< Rosegarden::InstrumentId > &)
void fixTextEncodings (Rosegarden::Composition *)
< Rosegarden::InstrumentId > 
getArmedInstruments ()
QString getAudioFilePath ()
Rosegarden::AudioManagerDialog * getAudioManagerDialog ()
QString getValidWriteFile (QString extension, QString label)
QTextCodec * guessTextCodec (std::string)
void initStatusBar ()
void initView ()
void initZoomToolbar ()
void jogSelection (Rosegarden::timeT amount)
virtual bool queryClose ()
virtual bool queryExit ()
virtual void readGlobalProperties (KConfig *_cfg)
void readOptions ()
virtual void saveGlobalProperties (KConfig *_cfg)
void setDocument (RosegardenGUIDoc *)
void setRewFFwdToAutoRepeat ()
void setupActions ()
void setupFileDialogSpeedbar ()
void showError (QString error)
virtual void showEvent (QShowEvent *)
 Raise the transport along.

Protected Attributes

KDCOPActionProxy * m_dcopActionProxy

Static Protected Attributes

static const void * SequencerExternal = (void*)-1

Private Attributes

bool m_actionsSetup
Rosegarden::AudioManagerDialog * m_audioManagerDialog
AudioMixerWindow * m_audioMixer
QTimer * m_autoSaveTimer
BankEditorDialog * m_bankEditor
std::set< ControlEditorDialog * > m_controlEditors
DeviceManagerDialog * m_deviceManager
KDockWidget * m_dockLeft
bool m_dockVisible
KToggleAction * m_enableMIDIrouting
KAction * m_ffwdEndTransport
KAction * m_ffwdTransport
KRecentFilesAction * m_fileOpenRecent
KRecentFilesAction * m_fileRecent
KDockWidget * m_mainDockWidget
MarkerEditorDialog * m_markerEditor
MidiMixerWindow * m_midiMixer
bool m_originatingJump
PlayListDialog * m_playList
QTimer * m_playTimer
KAction * m_playTransport
std::map< int,
Rosegarden::AudioPluginDialog * > 
Rosegarden::AudioPluginManager * m_pluginManager
RosegardenProgressBar * m_progressBar
KAction * m_recordTransport
KAction * m_rewindEndTransport
KAction * m_rewindTransport
SegmentParameterBox * m_segmentParameterBox
Rosegarden::SequenceManager * m_seqManager
bool m_sequencerCheckedIn
KProcess * m_sequencerProcess
StartupTester * m_startupTester
QTimer * m_stopTimer
KAction * m_stopTransport
Rosegarden::timeT m_storedLoopEnd
Rosegarden::timeT m_storedLoopStart
SynthPluginManagerDialog * m_synthManager
TempoView * m_tempoView
TrackParameterBox * m_trackParameterBox
Rosegarden::RosegardenTransportDialog * m_transport
TriggerSegmentManager * m_triggerSegmentManager
bool m_useSequencer
KToggleAction * m_viewChordNameRuler
KToggleAction * m_viewEditorsToolBar
KToggleAction * m_viewPreviews
KToggleAction * m_viewRulers
KToggleAction * m_viewSegmentLabels
KToggleAction * m_viewStatusBar
KToggleAction * m_viewTempoRuler
KToggleAction * m_viewToolBar
KToggleAction * m_viewToolsToolBar
KToggleAction * m_viewTrackLabels
KToggleAction * m_viewTracksToolBar
KToggleAction * m_viewTransport
KToggleAction * m_viewTransportToolBar
KToggleAction * m_viewZoomToolBar
QLabel * m_zoomLabel
ZoomSlider< double > * m_zoomSlider

Static Private Attributes

static RosegardenGUIAppm_myself = 0
static const char *const MainWindowConfigGroup = "MainView"


class RosegardenGUIView

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