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bool RosegardenGUIApp::exportLilypondFile ( QString  url,
bool  forPreview = false 

export a Lilypond file

Definition at line 4779 of file rosegardengui.cpp.

References m_doc, and LilypondExporter::write().

Referenced by slotExportLilypond(), and slotPreviewLilypond().

    QString caption = "", heading = "";
    if (forPreview) {
      caption = i18n("Lilypond Preview Options");
      heading = i18n("Lilypond preview options");

    LilypondOptionsDialog dialog(this, caption, heading);
    if (dialog.exec() != QDialog::Accepted) {
      return false;

    RosegardenProgressDialog progressDlg(i18n("Exporting Lilypond file..."),
    LilypondExporter e(this, m_doc, std::string(QFile::encodeName(file)));

    connect(&e, SIGNAL(setProgress(int)),
            progressDlg.progressBar(), SLOT(setValue(int)));

    connect(&e, SIGNAL(incrementProgress(int)),
            progressDlg.progressBar(), SLOT(advance(int)));

    if (!e.write()) {
        KMessageBox::sorry(this, i18n("Export failed.  The file could not be opened for writing."));
      return false;

    return true;

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