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// -*- c-basic-offset: 4 -*-

    A sequencer and musical notation editor.

    This program is Copyright 2000-2006
        Guillaume Laurent   <glaurent@telegraph-road.org>,
        Chris Cannam        <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com>,
        Richard Bown        <bownie@bownie.com>

    The moral right of the authors to claim authorship of this work
    has been asserted.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
    modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
    published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
    License, or (at your option) any later version.  See the file
    COPYING included with this distribution for more information.


#include <vector>
#include <set>
#include <map>

#include <qcanvas.h>
#include <qpainter.h>

#include "NotationTypes.h"
#include "notefont.h"

class NoteStyle;
class NotePixmapCache;

namespace Guitar {
    class Fingering;

class NotePixmapParameters
    NotePixmapParameters(Rosegarden::Note::Type noteType,
                         int dots,
                         Rosegarden::Accidental accidental =

    void setNoteType(Rosegarden::Note::Type type) { m_noteType = type; }
    void setDots(int dots) { m_dots = dots; }
    void setAccidental(Rosegarden::Accidental acc) { m_accidental = acc; }

    void setAccidentalCautionary(bool cautionary) { m_cautionary = cautionary; }
    void setNoteHeadShifted(bool shifted) { m_shifted          = shifted;   }
    void setNoteDotShifted(bool shifted)  { m_dotShifted       = shifted;   }
    void setAccidentalShift(int shift)    { m_accidentalShift  = shift;     }
    void setAccExtraShift(bool extra)     { m_accidentalExtra  = extra;     }

    void setDrawFlag(bool df)             { m_drawFlag         = df;        }
    void setDrawStem(bool ds)             { m_drawStem         = ds;        }
    void setStemGoesUp(bool up)           { m_stemGoesUp       = up;        }
    void setStemLength(int length)        { m_stemLength       = length;    }
    void setLegerLines(int lines)         { m_legerLines       = lines;     }
    void setSlashes(int slashes)          { m_slashes          = slashes;   }
    void setRestOutside(bool os)          { m_restOutsideStave = os;        }

    void setSelected(bool selected)       { m_selected         = selected;  }
    void setHighlighted(bool highlighted) { m_highlighted      = highlighted;}
    void setQuantized(bool quantized)     { m_quantized        = quantized; }
    void setTrigger(bool trigger)         { m_trigger          = trigger;   }
    void setIsOnLine(bool isOnLine)       { m_onLine           = isOnLine;  }
    void setSafeVertDistance(int safe)    { m_safeVertDistance = safe;      }

    void setBeamed(bool beamed)           { m_beamed           = beamed;    }
    void setNextBeamCount(int tc)         { m_nextBeamCount    = tc;        }
    void setThisPartialBeams(bool pt)     { m_thisPartialBeams = pt;        }
    void setNextPartialBeams(bool pt)     { m_nextPartialBeams = pt;        }
    void setWidth(int width)              { m_width            = width;     }
    void setGradient(double gradient)     { m_gradient         = gradient;  }

    void setTupletCount(int count)    { m_tupletCount      = count;         }
    void setTuplingLineY(int y)             { m_tuplingLineY     = y;       }
    void setTuplingLineWidth(int width)     { m_tuplingLineWidth = width;         }
    void setTuplingLineGradient(double g) { m_tuplingLineGradient = g;      }
    void setTuplingLineFollowsBeam(bool b){ m_tuplingLineFollowsBeam = b;   }

    void setTied(bool tied)               { m_tied             = tied;      }
    void setTieLength(int tieLength)      { m_tieLength        = tieLength; }

    void setMarks(const std::vector<Rosegarden::Mark> &marks);
    void removeMarks();

    void setInRange(bool inRange)         { m_inRange          = inRange;    }
    std::vector<Rosegarden::Mark> getNormalMarks() const;
    std::vector<Rosegarden::Mark> getAboveMarks() const; // bowings, pause etc

    friend class NotePixmapFactory;

    //--------------- Data members ---------------------------------

    Rosegarden::Note::Type m_noteType;
    int m_dots;
    Rosegarden::Accidental m_accidental;

    bool    m_cautionary;
    bool    m_shifted;
    bool    m_dotShifted;
    int     m_accidentalShift;
    bool    m_accidentalExtra;
    bool    m_drawFlag;
    bool    m_drawStem;
    bool    m_stemGoesUp;
    int     m_stemLength;
    int     m_legerLines;
    int     m_slashes;
    bool    m_selected;
    bool    m_highlighted;
    bool    m_quantized;
    bool    m_trigger;
    bool    m_onLine;
    int     m_safeVertDistance;
    bool    m_restOutsideStave;

    bool    m_beamed;
    int     m_nextBeamCount;
    bool    m_thisPartialBeams;
    bool    m_nextPartialBeams;
    int     m_width;
    double  m_gradient;

    int         m_tupletCount;
    int     m_tuplingLineY;
    int         m_tuplingLineWidth;
    double  m_tuplingLineGradient;
    bool    m_tuplingLineFollowsBeam;

    bool    m_tied;
    int     m_tieLength;

    bool    m_inRange;
    std::vector<Rosegarden::Mark> m_marks;

class NotePixmapPainter;

 * Generates QCanvasPixmaps for various notation items.

00157 class NotePixmapFactory 
    NotePixmapFactory(std::string fontName = "", int size = -1);
    NotePixmapFactory(const NotePixmapFactory &);
    NotePixmapFactory &operator=(const NotePixmapFactory &);

    std::string getFontName() const;
    int getSize() const;

    void setSelected(bool selected) { m_selected = selected; }
    bool isSelected() const { return m_selected; }

    void setShaded(bool shaded) { m_shaded = shaded; }
    bool isShaded() const { return m_shaded; }

    void setNoteStyle(NoteStyle *style) { m_style = style; }
    const NoteStyle *getNoteStyle() const { return m_style; } 

    // Display methods -- create canvas pixmaps:

    QCanvasPixmap* makeNotePixmap(const NotePixmapParameters &parameters);
    QCanvasPixmap* makeRestPixmap(const NotePixmapParameters &parameters);
    QCanvasPixmap* makeClefPixmap(const Rosegarden::Clef &clef);
    QCanvasPixmap* makeKeyPixmap(const Rosegarden::Key &key,
                         const Rosegarden::Clef &clef,
                         Rosegarden::Key previousKey =
    QCanvasPixmap* makeTimeSigPixmap(const Rosegarden::TimeSignature& sig);
    QCanvasPixmap* makeHairpinPixmap(int length, bool isCrescendo);
    QCanvasPixmap* makeSlurPixmap(int length, int dy, bool above, bool phrasing);
    QCanvasPixmap* makeOttavaPixmap(int length, int octavesUp);
    QCanvasPixmap* makePedalDownPixmap();
    QCanvasPixmap* makePedalUpPixmap();
    QCanvasPixmap* makeUnknownPixmap();
    QCanvasPixmap* makeTextPixmap(const Rosegarden::Text &text);
    QCanvasPixmap* makeFretboardPixmap(const Guitar::Fingering &arrangement,
                               int x, int y);

    // Printing methods -- draw direct to a paint device:

    void drawNote(const NotePixmapParameters &parameters,
              QPainter &painter, int x, int y);
    void drawRest(const NotePixmapParameters &parameters,
              QPainter &painter, int x, int y);
    void drawHairpin(int length, bool isCrescendo,
                 QPainter &painter, int x, int y);
    void drawSlur(int length, int dy, bool above, bool phrasing,
              QPainter &painter, int x, int y);
    void drawOttava(int length, int octavesUp,
                QPainter &painter, int x, int y);
    void drawText(const Rosegarden::Text &text,
              QPainter &painter, int x, int y);

    // Other support methods for producing pixmaps for other contexts:

    static QCanvasPixmap *makeToolbarPixmap(const char *name);
    static QCanvasPixmap *makeNoteMenuPixmap(Rosegarden::timeT duration,
                                   Rosegarden::timeT &errorReturn);
    static QCanvasPixmap *makeMarkMenuPixmap(Rosegarden::Mark);

    QCanvasPixmap* makePitchDisplayPixmap(int pitch,
                                const Rosegarden::Clef &clef,
                                bool useSharps);
    QCanvasPixmap* makeClefDisplayPixmap(const Rosegarden::Clef &clef);
    QCanvasPixmap* makeKeyDisplayPixmap(const Rosegarden::Key &key,
                               const Rosegarden::Clef &clef);

    // Bounding box and other geometry methods:

    int getNoteBodyWidth (Rosegarden::Note::Type =
                          Rosegarden::Note::Crotchet) const;

    int getNoteBodyHeight(Rosegarden::Note::Type =
                          Rosegarden::Note::Crotchet) const;

    int getAccidentalWidth (const Rosegarden::Accidental &,
                      int shift = 0, bool extra = false) const;
    int getAccidentalHeight(const Rosegarden::Accidental &) const;

    int getLineSpacing()        const;
    int getStemLength()         const;
    int getStemThickness()      const;
    int getStaffLineThickness() const;
    int getLegerLineThickness() const;
    int getDotWidth()           const;
    int getBarMargin()          const;

    int getClefWidth(const Rosegarden::Clef &clef) const;
    int getTimeSigWidth(const Rosegarden::TimeSignature &timesig) const;
    int getRestWidth(const Rosegarden::Note &restType) const;
    int getKeyWidth(const Rosegarden::Key &key,
                Rosegarden::Key previousKey = Rosegarden::Key::DefaultKey) const;
    int getTextWidth(const Rosegarden::Text &text) const;

     * We need this function because as of Qt 3.1, QCanvasPixmap
     * is no longer copyable by value, while QPixmap still is.
     * So all the makeXXPixmap are now returning QCanvasPixmap*
     * instead of QCanvasPixmap, but we need an easy way to
     * convert them to QPixmap, since we use them that
     * way quite often (to generate toolbar button icons for instance).
    static QPixmap toQPixmap(QCanvasPixmap*);
    static void dumpStats(std::ostream &);

    static const char* const defaultSerifFontFamily;
    static const char* const defaultTimeSigFontFamily;

    void init(std::string fontName, int size);
    void initMaybe() { if (!m_font) init("", -1); }

    void drawNoteAux(const NotePixmapParameters &parameters,
                 QPainter *painter, int x, int y);
    void drawRestAux(const NotePixmapParameters &parameters, QPoint &hotspot,
                 QPainter *painter, int x, int y);
    void drawHairpinAux(int length, bool isCrescendo,
                  QPainter *painter, int x, int y);
    void drawSlurAux(int length, int dy, bool above, bool smooth, bool tie, bool phrasing,
                 QPoint &hotspot,
                 QPainter *painter, int x, int y);
    void drawOttavaAux(int length, int octavesUp,
                   QPainter *painter, int x, int y);
    void drawTextAux(const Rosegarden::Text &text,
                 QPainter *painter, int x, int y);

    int getStemLength(const NotePixmapParameters &) const;

    void makeRoomForAccidental(Rosegarden::Accidental, bool cautionary, int shift, bool extra);
    void drawAccidental(Rosegarden::Accidental, bool cautionary);

    void makeRoomForMarks(bool isStemmed, const NotePixmapParameters &params, int stemLength);
    void drawMarks(bool isStemmed, const NotePixmapParameters &params, int stemLength);

    void makeRoomForLegerLines(const NotePixmapParameters &params);
    void drawLegerLines(const NotePixmapParameters &params);

    void makeRoomForStemAndFlags(int flagCount, int stemLength,
                         const NotePixmapParameters &params,
                         QPoint &startPoint, QPoint &endPoint);
    void drawFlags(int flagCount, const NotePixmapParameters &params,
               const QPoint &startPoint, const QPoint &endPoint);
    void drawStem(const NotePixmapParameters &params,
              const QPoint &startPoint, const QPoint &endPoint,
              int shortening);

    void makeRoomForBeams(const NotePixmapParameters &params);
    void drawBeams(const QPoint &, const NotePixmapParameters &params,
                   int beamCount);

    void drawSlashes(const QPoint &, const NotePixmapParameters &params,
                 int slashCount);

    void makeRoomForTuplingLine(const NotePixmapParameters &params);
    void drawTuplingLine(const NotePixmapParameters &params);

    void drawShallowLine(int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1, int thickness,
                         bool smooth);
    void drawTie(bool above, int length, int shift);

    void drawBracket(int length, bool left, bool curly, int x, int y);

    QFont getTextFont(const Rosegarden::Text &text) const;

    QCanvasPixmap* makeAnnotationPixmap(const Rosegarden::Text &text);
    QCanvasPixmap* makeAnnotationPixmap(const Rosegarden::Text &text, const bool isLilypondDirective);

    void createPixmapAndMask(int width, int height,
                       int maskWidth = -1,
                       int maskHeight = -1);
    QCanvasPixmap* makeCanvasPixmap(QPoint hotspot, bool generateMask = false);

    enum ColourType {

    /// draws selected/shaded status from m_selected/m_shaded:
    NoteCharacter getCharacter(CharName name, ColourType type, bool inverted);

    /// draws selected/shaded status from m_selected/m_shaded:
    bool getCharacter(CharName name, NoteCharacter &ch, ColourType type, bool inverted);

    //--------------- Data members ---------------------------------

    NoteFont *m_font;
    NoteStyle *m_style;
    bool m_selected;
    bool m_shaded;

    int m_noteBodyWidth, m_noteBodyHeight;
    int m_left, m_right, m_above, m_below;
    int m_borderX, m_borderY;

    QFont m_tupletCountFont;
    QFontMetrics m_tupletCountFontMetrics;

    QFont m_textMarkFont;
    QFontMetrics m_textMarkFontMetrics;

    QFont m_fingeringFont;
    QFontMetrics m_fingeringFontMetrics;

    QFont m_timeSigFont;
    QFontMetrics m_timeSigFontMetrics;

    QFont m_bigTimeSigFont;
    QFontMetrics m_bigTimeSigFontMetrics;

    QFont m_ottavaFont;
    QFontMetrics m_ottavaFontMetrics;

    QPixmap *m_generatedPixmap;
    QBitmap *m_generatedMask;

    int m_generatedWidth;
    int m_generatedHeight;
    bool m_inPrinterMethod;
    NotePixmapPainter *m_p;

    mutable NotePixmapCache *m_dottedRestCache;

    typedef std::map<const char *, QFont> TextFontCache;
    mutable TextFontCache m_textFontCache;

    static QPoint m_pointZero;


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