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// -*- c-basic-offset: 4 -*-

    A sequencer and musical notation editor.

    This program is Copyright 2000-2006
        Guillaume Laurent   <glaurent@telegraph-road.org>,
        Chris Cannam        <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com>,
        Richard Bown        <bownie@bownie.com>

    The moral right of the authors to claim authorship of this work
    has been asserted.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
    modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
    published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
    License, or (at your option) any later version.  See the file
    COPYING included with this distribution for more information.


#include <config.h>

// include files for Qt

#include <qvbox.h>
#include <list>
#include <vector>

#include "rosedebug.h"

#include "AudioFile.h"
#include "MappedCommon.h"
#include "Track.h"
#include "Event.h" // for time
#include "SequencerDataBlock.h" // for LevelInfo

namespace Rosegarden { 
    class Composition; 
    class MappedEvent;
    class SimpleRulerScale;
    class SegmentSelection;

class QVBoxLayout;
class QScrollView;
class RosegardenGUIDoc;
class TrackEditor;
class KPrinter;
class KDockWidget;
class SegmentParameterBox;
class InstrumentParameterBox;
class TrackParameterBox;
class MultiViewCommandHistory;
class KCommand;
class NotationView;
class MatrixView;
class EventView;
class SequencerMapper;

 * The RosegardenGUIView class provides the view widget for the
 * RosegardenGUIApp instance.  The View instance inherits QWidget as a
 * base class and represents the view object of a KTMainWindow. As
 * RosegardenGUIView is part of the docuement-view model, it needs a
 * reference to the document object connected with it by the
 * RosegardenGUIApp class to manipulate and display the document
 * structure provided by the RosegardenGUIDoc class.
 * @author Source Framework Automatically Generated by KDevelop, (c) The KDevelop Team.
 * @version KDevelop version 0.4 code generation
00078 class RosegardenGUIView : public QVBox

     * Constructor for the main view
    RosegardenGUIView(bool showTrackLabels,
                      QWidget *parent = 0,
                      const char *name=0);

     * Destructor for the main view

     * returns a pointer to the document connected to the view
     * instance. Mind that this method requires a RosegardenGUIApp
     * instance as a parent widget to get to the window document
     * pointer by calling the RosegardenGUIApp::getDocument() method.
     * @see RosegardenGUIApp#getDocument
    RosegardenGUIDoc* getDocument() const;

     * Command history
    MultiViewCommandHistory* getCommandHistory();

    TrackEditor* getTrackEditor() { return m_trackEditor; }
     * contains the implementation for printing functionality
    void print(Rosegarden::Composition*, bool previewOnly = false);

    // the following aren't slots because they're called from
    // RosegardenGUIApp

     * Select a tool at the SegmentCanvas
    void selectTool(QString toolName);

     * Show output levels
    void showVisuals(const Rosegarden::MappedEvent *mE);

    void updateMeters(SequencerMapper *mapper);
    void updateMonitorMeters(SequencerMapper *mapper);

     * Change zoom size -- set the RulerScale's units-per-pixel to size
    void setZoomSize(double size);

    void initChordNameRuler();
    bool haveSelection();
    Rosegarden::SegmentSelection getSelection();
    void updateSelectionContents();

    static bool isMainWindowLastActive(const QWidget *w) {
      return w == m_lastActiveMainWindow;

public slots:
    void slotEditSegment(Rosegarden::Segment*);
    void slotEditSegmentNotation(Rosegarden::Segment*);
    void slotEditSegmentsNotation(std::vector<Rosegarden::Segment*>);
    void slotEditSegmentMatrix(Rosegarden::Segment*);
    void slotEditSegmentsMatrix(std::vector<Rosegarden::Segment*>);
    void slotEditSegmentPercussionMatrix(Rosegarden::Segment*);
    void slotEditSegmentsPercussionMatrix(std::vector<Rosegarden::Segment*>);
    void slotEditSegmentEventList(Rosegarden::Segment*);
    void slotEditSegmentsEventList(std::vector<Rosegarden::Segment*>);
    void slotEditTriggerSegment(int);
    void slotEditSegmentAudio(Rosegarden::Segment*);
    void slotSegmentAutoSplit(Rosegarden::Segment*);
    void slotEditRepeat(Rosegarden::Segment*, Rosegarden::timeT);
    void slotEditMetadata(QString);

     * Highlight all the Segments on a Track because the Track has
     * been selected * We have to ensure we create a Selector object
     * before we can highlight * these tracks.
     * Called by signal from Track selection routine to highlight
     * all available Segments on a Track
    void slotSelectTrackSegments(int);

    void slotSelectAllSegments();

    void slotUpdateInstrumentParameterBox(int id);

    // This is called from the canvas (actually the selector tool) moving out
    void slotSelectedSegments(const Rosegarden::SegmentSelection &segments);

    // And this one from the user interface going down
    void slotSetSelectedSegments(const Rosegarden::SegmentSelection &segments);

    void slotShowRulers(bool);

    void slotShowTempoRuler(bool);

    void slotShowChordNameRuler(bool);

    void slotShowPreviews(bool);

    void slotShowSegmentLabels(bool);

    void slotAddTracks(unsigned int, Rosegarden::InstrumentId);

    void slotDeleteTracks(std::vector<Rosegarden::TrackId> tracks);

    void slotAddAudioSegmentCurrentPosition(Rosegarden::AudioFileId,
                                            const Rosegarden::RealTime &startTime,
                                            const Rosegarden::RealTime &endTime);

    void slotAddAudioSegmentDefaultPosition(Rosegarden::AudioFileId,
                                            const Rosegarden::RealTime &startTime,
                                            const Rosegarden::RealTime &endTime);

    void slotAddAudioSegment(Rosegarden::AudioFileId audioId,
                             Rosegarden::TrackId trackId,
                             Rosegarden::timeT position,
                             const Rosegarden::RealTime &startTime,
                             const Rosegarden::RealTime &endTime);

    void slotDroppedAudio(QString audioDesc);
    void slotDroppedNewAudio(QString audioDesc);

     * Commands
    void slotAddCommandToHistory(KCommand *command);

     * Change the Instrument Label
    void slotChangeInstrumentLabel(Rosegarden::InstrumentId id, QString label);

     * Change the Track Label
    void slotChangeTrackLabel(Rosegarden::TrackId id, QString label);

     * Set the mute button on the track buttons and on the instrument
     * parameter box
    void slotSetMuteButton(Rosegarden::TrackId track, bool value);

     * Set mute, record and solo by instrument id
    void slotSetMute(Rosegarden::InstrumentId, bool);
    void slotSetRecord(Rosegarden::InstrumentId, bool);
    void slotSetSolo(Rosegarden::InstrumentId, bool);

     * To indicate that we should track the recording segment (despite
     * no commands being issued on it)
    void slotUpdateRecordingSegment(Rosegarden::Segment *segment,
                            Rosegarden::timeT updatedFrom);

     * A manual fudgy way of creating a view update for certain
     * semi-static data (devices/instrument labels mainly)
    void slotSynchroniseWithComposition();

     * To indicate that an edit view, mixer, etc (something that might
     * want to receive MIDI input) has become active.  We only send
     * inputs such as MIDI to a single one of these, in most cases,
     * and it's whichever was most recently made active.  (It doesn't
     * have to still _be_ active -- we want to allow moving focus to
     * another application entirely but still receiving MIDI etc in
     * Rosegarden.)
    void slotActiveMainWindowChanged(const QWidget *);
    void slotActiveMainWindowChanged(); // uses sender()

     * An event has been received from a device connected to the
     * external controller port.
    void slotControllerDeviceEventReceived(Rosegarden::MappedEvent *);
    void slotControllerDeviceEventReceived(Rosegarden::MappedEvent *, const void *);

    void activateTool(QString toolName);

    void stateChange(QString, bool);

    // Inform that we've got a SegmentSelection
    void segmentsSelected(const Rosegarden::SegmentSelection&);

    void toggleSolo(bool);

     * Current used to dispatch things like track select changes, solo, etc...
     * to edit views
    void compositionStateUpdate();

     * This signal is used to dispatch a notification for a request to
     * set the step-by-step-editing target window to all candidate targets,
     * so that they can either know that their request has been granted
     * (if they match the QObject passed) or else deactivate any step-by-
     * step editing currently active in their own window (otherwise).
    void stepByStepTargetRequested(QObject *);

     * Add an audio file at the sequencer - when we drop a new file
     * on the segment canvas.
    void addAudioFile(Rosegarden::AudioFileId);

    void checkTrackAssignments();

    void instrumentLevelsChanged(Rosegarden::InstrumentId,
                         const Rosegarden::LevelInfo &);

    void controllerDeviceEventReceived(Rosegarden::MappedEvent *,
                               const void *);

    void instrumentParametersChanged(Rosegarden::InstrumentId);

    NotationView *createNotationView(std::vector<Rosegarden::Segment *>);
    MatrixView   *createMatrixView  (std::vector<Rosegarden::Segment *>, bool drumMode);
    EventView    *createEventView   (std::vector<Rosegarden::Segment *>);

    virtual void windowActivationChange(bool);

    //--------------- Data members ---------------------------------

    Rosegarden::SimpleRulerScale  *m_rulerScale;
    TrackEditor                 *m_trackEditor;

    SegmentParameterBox         *m_segmentParameterBox;
    InstrumentParameterBox      *m_instrumentParameterBox;
    TrackParameterBox             *m_trackParameterBox;

    static const QWidget          *m_lastActiveMainWindow;


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