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timeT Rosegarden::Quantizer::getQuantizedDuration ( const Event e  )  const [virtual]

Return the quantized duration of the event if it has been quantized -- otherwise just return the unquantized duration. Do not modify the event.

Definition at line 168 of file Quantizer.cpp.

References Rosegarden::Event::get(), Rosegarden::Event::getDuration(), and Rosegarden::Event::getNotationDuration().

Referenced by Rosegarden::AbstractSet< Element, Container >::sample().

    if (m_target == RawEventData) {
      return e->getDuration();
    } else if (m_target == NotationPrefix) {
      return e->getNotationDuration();
    } else {
      timeT d = e->getDuration();
      e->get<Int>(m_targetProperties[DurationValue], d);
      return d;

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