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Rosegarden::NotationVLayout Class Reference

#include <NotationVLayout.h>

Inheritance diagram for Rosegarden::NotationVLayout:


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Detailed Description

Vertical notation layout

computes the Y coordinate of notation elements

Definition at line 60 of file NotationVLayout.h.


void incrementProgress (int)
void setOperationName (QString)
void setProgress (int)
 Report progress.

Public Member Functions

virtual void finishLayout (timeT=0, timeT=0)
unsigned int getStatus () const
 NotationVLayout (Composition *c, NotePixmapFactory *npf, const NotationProperties &properties, QObject *parent, const char *name=0)
virtual void reset ()
virtual void resetStaff (Staff &, timeT=0, timeT=0)
virtual void scanStaff (Staff &, timeT=0, timeT=0)
void setNotePixmapFactory (NotePixmapFactory *npf)

Protected Slots

virtual void slotCancel ()

Protected Member Functions

bool isOperationCancelled () const
void throwIfCancelled ()

Protected Attributes

bool m_isCancelled
unsigned int m_status

Private Types

typedef FastVector
< NotationElementList::iterator > 
typedef std::map< Staff
*, SlurList

Private Member Functions

SlurListgetSlurList (Staff &)
void positionSlur (NotationStaff &staff, NotationElementList::iterator i)

Private Attributes

Composition * m_composition
const Quantizerm_notationQuantizer
const NotationPropertiesm_properties
SlurListMap m_slurs

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