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void Rosegarden::NotationView::slotHoveredOverAbsoluteTimeChanged ( unsigned int  time  )  [slot]

Called when the mouse cursor moves over a note which is at a different time on the staff

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Definition at line 6914 of file NotationView.cpp.

References m_hoveredOverAbsoluteTime.

    timeT t = time;
    RealTime rt =
    long ms = rt.msec();

    int bar, beat, fraction, remainder;
        (t, bar, beat, fraction, remainder);

    //    QString message;
    //    QString format("%ld (%ld.%03lds)");
    //    format = i18n("Time: %1").arg(format);
    //    message.sprintf(format, t, rt.sec, ms);

    QString message = i18n("Time: %1 (%2.%3s)")
             .arg(QString("%1").arg(bar + 1).rightJustify(3, '0'))
             .arg(QString("%1").arg(beat).rightJustify(2, '0'))
             .arg(QString("%1").arg(fraction).rightJustify(2, '0'))
             .arg(QString("%1").arg(remainder).rightJustify(2, '0')))
        .arg(QString("%1").arg(ms).rightJustify(3, '0'));


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