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void Rosegarden::NotationView::slotPrintLilypond (  )  [slot]

Export to a temporary file and process

Definition at line 4400 of file NotationView.cpp.

References exportLilypondFile().

Referenced by setupActions().

    KTmpStatusMsg msg(i18n("Printing Lilypond file..."), this);
    KTempFile *file = new KTempFile(QString::null, ".ly");
    if (!file->name()) {
        // CurrentProgressDialog::freeze();
        KMessageBox::sorry(this, i18n("Failed to open a temporary file for Lilypond export."));
        delete file;
    if (!exportLilypondFile(file->name(), true)) {
        return ;
    KProcess *proc = new KProcess;
    *proc << "rosegarden-lilypondview";
    *proc << "--graphical";
    *proc << "--print";
    *proc << file->name();
    connect(proc, SIGNAL(processExited(KProcess *)),
            this, SLOT(slotLilypondViewProcessExited(KProcess *)));
    m_lilyTempFileMap[proc] = file;

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