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Rosegarden::EventSelection Class Reference

#include <Selection.h>

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Detailed Description

EventSelection records a (possibly non-contiguous) selection of Events in a single Segment, used for cut'n paste operations. It does not take a copy of those Events, it just remembers which ones they are.

Definition at line 41 of file Selection.h.

Public Types

typedef std::multiset< Event
*, Event::EventCmp > 
typedef std::vector< std::pair
< Segment::iterator,
Segment::iterator > > 
typedef std::vector< std::pair
< timeT, timeT > > 

Public Member Functions

void addEvent (Event *e)
void addFromSelection (EventSelection *sel)
virtual void appearanceChanged (const Segment *)
bool contains (const std::string &eventType) const
bool contains (Event *e) const
virtual void endMarkerTimeChanged (const Segment *, bool)
virtual void eventAdded (const Segment *, Event *)
virtual void eventRemoved (const Segment *, Event *)
 EventSelection (const EventSelection &)
 EventSelection (Segment &, timeT beginTime, timeT endTime, bool overlap=false)
 EventSelection (Segment &)
unsigned int getAddedEvents () const
timeT getEndTime () const
RangeList getRanges () const
RangeTimeList getRangeTimes () const
Segment & getSegment ()
const Segment & getSegment () const
eventcontainer & getSegmentEvents ()
const eventcontainer & getSegmentEvents () const
timeT getStartTime () const
timeT getTotalDuration () const
void removeEvent (Event *e)
virtual void segmentDeleted (const Segment *)
virtual void startChanged (const Segment *, timeT)

Protected Attributes

timeT m_beginTime
timeT m_endTime
bool m_haveRealStartTime
Segment & m_originalSegment
eventcontainer m_segmentEvents
 pointers to Events in the original Segment

Private Member Functions

EventSelectionoperator= (const EventSelection &)

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