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Rosegarden::InstrumentParameterBox Class Reference

#include <InstrumentParameterBox.h>

Inheritance diagram for Rosegarden::InstrumentParameterBox:


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Detailed Description

Display and allow modification of Instrument parameters

Definition at line 53 of file InstrumentParameterBox.h.

Public Slots

void slotInstrumentParametersChanged (InstrumentId id)
void slotPluginBypassed (InstrumentId id, int pluginIndex, bool bp)
void slotPluginSelected (InstrumentId id, int index, int plugin)
void slotUpdateAllBoxes ()


void changeInstrumentLabel (InstrumentId id, QString label)
void instrumentParametersChanged (InstrumentId)
void instrumentPercussionSetChanged (Instrument *)
void selectPlugin (QWidget *, InstrumentId id, int index)
void showPluginGUI (InstrumentId id, int index)

Public Member Functions

QString getLongLabel () const
virtual QString getPreviousBox (RosegardenParameterArea::Arrangement) const
Instrument * getSelectedInstrument ()
QString getShortLabel () const
 InstrumentParameterBox (RosegardenGUIDoc *doc, QWidget *parent=0)
void setAudioMeter (float dBleft, float dBright, float recDBleft, float recDBright)
void setDocument (RosegardenGUIDoc *doc)
virtual void showAdditionalControls (bool showThem)
void useInstrument (Instrument *instrument)

Protected Types


Protected Member Functions

void init ()
void setLayoutMode (LayoutMode mode)

Protected Attributes

AudioInstrumentParameterPanel * m_audioInstrumentParameters
QFont m_font
bool m_lastShowAdditionalControlsArg
QString m_longLabel
MIDIInstrumentParameterPanel * m_midiInstrumentParameters
LayoutMode m_mode
QFrame * m_noInstrumentParameters
int m_selectedInstrument
QString m_shortLabel
QWidgetStack * m_widgetStack

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