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Rosegarden::MatrixView Class Reference

#include <MatrixView.h>

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Detailed Description

Matrix ("Piano Roll") View

Note: we currently display only one staff

Definition at line 82 of file MatrixView.h.

Public Slots

void closeWindow ()
virtual void slotActiveItemPressed (QMouseEvent *, QCanvasItem *)
void slotAddControlRuler (int)
void slotAddTempo ()
void slotAddTimeSignature ()
void slotChangeHorizontalZoom (int)
void slotClearControlRulerItem ()
void slotClearLoop ()
void slotClearSelection ()
virtual void slotCloseWindow ()
virtual void slotCompositionStateUpdate ()
void slotDiatonicTranspose ()
void slotDoubleDurations ()
void slotDrawPropertyLine ()
virtual void slotEditCopy ()
virtual void slotEditCut ()
void slotEditDelete ()
virtual void slotEditPaste ()
void slotEraseControlRulerItem ()
void slotEraseSelected ()
void slotExtendSelectionBackward (bool bar)
void slotExtendSelectionBackward ()
void slotExtendSelectionBackwardBar ()
void slotExtendSelectionForward (bool bar)
void slotExtendSelectionForward ()
void slotExtendSelectionForwardBar ()
void slotFilterSelection ()
void slotFlipBackwards ()
void slotFlipForwards ()
void slotHalveDurations ()
void slotHoveredOverAbsoluteTimeChanged (unsigned int)
void slotHoveredOverKeyChanged (unsigned int)
void slotHoveredOverNoteChanged (int evPitch, bool haveEvent, timeT evTime)
void slotInsertableNoteEventReceived (int pitch, int velocity, bool noteOn)
 Note-on or note-off received asynchronously -- as above.
void slotInsertableNoteOffReceived (int pitch, int velocity)
 Note-off received asynchronously -- consider step-by-step editing.
void slotInsertableNoteOnReceived (int pitch, int velocity)
 Note-on received asynchronously -- consider step-by-step editing.
void slotInsertControlRulerItem ()
void slotInsertNoteFromAction ()
void slotInstrumentLevelsChanged (InstrumentId, const LevelInfo &)
void slotInvert ()
void slotJogLeft ()
void slotJogRight ()
void slotJumpBackward ()
void slotJumpCursorToPlayback ()
 cursor moves
void slotJumpForward ()
void slotJumpPlaybackToCursor ()
void slotJumpToEnd ()
void slotJumpToStart ()
void slotKeyPressed (unsigned int y, bool repeating)
void slotKeyReleased (unsigned int y, bool repeating)
void slotKeySelected (unsigned int y, bool repeating)
void slotMouseMoved (timeT time, int pitch, QMouseEvent *)
void slotMousePressed (timeT time, int pitch, QMouseEvent *, MatrixElement *)
 Canvas actions slots.
void slotMouseReleased (timeT time, int pitch, QMouseEvent *)
void slotMoveSelected ()
void slotNewSelection ()
virtual void slotOpenInEventList ()
virtual void slotOpenInMatrix ()
virtual void slotOpenInNotation ()
virtual void slotOpenInPercussionMatrix ()
void slotPaintSelected ()
 edition tools
void slotPreviewSelection ()
void slotQuantizeSelection (int)
void slotRemoveControlRuler (QWidget *)
void slotRemoveTriggers ()
void slotRescale ()
void slotResizeSelected ()
void slotRetrograde ()
void slotRetrogradeInvert ()
void slotSelectAll ()
void slotSelectAllProperties ()
void slotSelectSelected ()
void slotSetCurrentVelocity (int)
 Set the velocity menu to the given value.
void slotSetCurrentVelocityFromSelection ()
virtual void slotSetInsertCursorPosition (timeT position)
void slotSetInsertCursorPosition (timeT position, bool scroll)
void slotSetPointerPosition (timeT time, bool scroll)
void slotSetPointerPosition (timeT time)
void slotSetSegmentDuration ()
void slotSetSegmentStartTime ()
void slotSetSnap (timeT)
void slotSetSnapFromAction ()
void slotSetSnapFromIndex (int)
void slotSetVelocities ()
void slotSetVelocitiesToCurrent ()
virtual void slotShowControllerEventsRuler ()
virtual void slotShowPropertyControlRuler ()
virtual void slotShowVelocityControlRuler ()
void slotStartControlLineItem ()
void slotStateChanged (const QString &, bool noReverse)
virtual void slotStatusHelpMsg (const QString &text)
virtual void slotStatusMsg (const QString &text)
virtual void slotStepBackward ()
void slotStepByStepTargetRequested (QObject *)
 The given QObject has originated a step-by-step-editing request.
virtual void slotStepForward ()
virtual void slotTestClipboard ()
void slotToggleChordsRuler ()
virtual void slotToggleSolo ()
virtual void slotToggleStatusBar ()
void slotToggleStepByStep ()
void slotToggleTempoRuler ()
virtual void slotToggleToolBar ()
void slotToggleTracking ()
void slotTransformsCollapseNotes ()
void slotTransformsLegato ()
void slotTransformsQuantize ()
void slotTransformsRepeatQuantize ()
void slotTranspose ()
void slotTransposeDown ()
void slotTransposeDownOctave ()
void slotTransposeUp ()
void slotTransposeUpOctave ()
void slotTriggerSegment ()
void slotUpdateInsertModeStatus ()
 status stuff
void slotVelocityDown ()
void slotVelocityUp ()
void slotVerticalScrollPianoKeyboard (int y)
void slotZoomIn ()
void slotZoomOut ()


void changeTempo (timeT, tempoT, tempoT, TempoDialog::TempoDialogAction)
void editTimeSignature (timeT)
void editTriggerSegment (int)
void fastForwardPlayback ()
void fastForwardPlaybackToEnd ()
void jumpPlaybackTo (timeT)
void openInEventList (std::vector< Segment * >)
void openInMatrix (std::vector< Segment * >)
void openInNotation (std::vector< Segment * >)
void openInPercussionMatrix (std::vector< Segment * >)
void panic ()
void play ()
void rewindPlayback ()
void rewindPlaybackToBeginning ()
void saveFile ()
void selectTrack (int)
void stepByStepTargetRequested (QObject *)
void stop ()
void toggleSolo (bool)
void usedSelection ()
void windowActivated ()

Public Member Functions

ActiveItemactiveItem ()
virtual void addCommandToHistory (KCommand *)
unsigned int addPropertyViewRuler (const PropertyName &property)
virtual bool applyLayout (int staffNo=-1, timeT startTime=0, timeT endTime=0)
QCanvas * canvas ()
QAccel * getAccelerators ()
virtual MultiViewCommandHistorygetCommandHistory ()
EventSelectiongetCurrentSelection ()
int getCurrentVelocity () const
RosegardenGUIDocgetDocument ()
const RosegardenGUIDocgetDocument () const
MidiKeyMapping * getKeyMapping ()
RosegardenCanvasViewgetRawCanvasView ()
const SnapGridgetSnapGrid () const
MatrixStaff * getStaff (const Segment &segment)
MatrixStaff * getStaff (int i)
EditToolBoxgetToolBox ()
std::string getViewLocalPropertyPrefix ()
double getXbyInverseWorldMatrix (double value)
double getXbyWorldMatrix (double value)
virtual void handleEventRemoved (Event *event)
QPoint inverseMapPoint (const QPoint &p)
bool isDrumMode ()
bool isInChordMode ()
 MatrixView (RosegardenGUIDoc *doc, std::vector< Segment * > segments, QWidget *parent, bool drumMode)
void playNote (const Segment &segment, int pitch, int velocity=-1)
void playNote (Event *event)
void readjustCanvasSize ()
virtual void readjustViewSize (QSize newSize, bool exact=false)
virtual void refreshSegment (Segment *segment, timeT startTime=0, timeT endTime=0)
bool removePropertyViewRuler (unsigned int number)
void repaintRulers ()
void scrollToTime (timeT t)
void setActiveItem (ActiveItem *i)
void setCanvasCursor (const QCursor &cursor)
virtual void setCurrentSelection (EventSelection *s, bool preview=false, bool redrawNow=false)
void setSingleSelectedEvent (Segment &segment, Event *event, bool preview=false, bool redrawNow=false)
void setSingleSelectedEvent (int staffNo, Event *event, bool preview=false, bool redrawNow=false)
virtual void updateView ()

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned int ID_STATUS_MSG = 1
static const unsigned int NbLayoutRows = 6

Protected Slots

void slotCanvasBottomWidgetHeightChanged (int newHeight)
void slotCheckTrackAssignments ()
virtual void slotConfigure ()
void slotDockParametersBack ()
virtual void slotEditKeys ()
virtual void slotEditToolbars ()
void slotMouseEnteredCanvasView ()
void slotMouseLeftCanvasView ()
void slotParametersClosed ()
void slotParametersDockedBack (KDockWidget *, KDockWidget::DockPosition)
void slotPercussionSetChanged (Instrument *)
void slotToolHelpChanged (const QString &)
virtual void slotUpdateToolbars ()

Protected Member Functions

void addControlRuler (ControlRuler *ruler)
void addPropertyBox (QWidget *)
void addRuler (QWidget *)
bool canPreviewAnotherNote ()
virtual void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)
int computePostLayoutWidth ()
void createInsertPitchActionMenu ()
void extendKeyMapping ()
ControlRulerfindRuler (const ControlParameter &controller, int &index)
ControlRulerfindRuler (PropertyName propertyName, int &index)
QVBox * getBottomWidget ()
virtual MatrixCanvasView * getCanvasView ()
QWidget * getCentralWidget ()
int getConfigDialogPageIndex ()
ControlRulergetCurrentControlRuler ()
Device * getCurrentDevice ()
virtual Segment * getCurrentSegment ()
virtual StaffgetCurrentStaff ()
virtual RulerScalegetHLayout ()
virtual timeT getInsertionTime (Clef &clef,::Rosegarden::Key &key)
virtual timeT getInsertionTime ()
bool getMinMaxPitches (int &minPitch, int &maxPitch)
int getPitchFromNoteInsertAction (QString actionName, Accidental &acc, const Clef &clef, const ::Rosegarden::Key &key)
QString getRCFileName ()
bool getSegmentsOnlyRestsAndClefs ()
KToggleAction * getToggleAction (const QString &actionName)
 Convenience function around actionCollection()->action().
virtual QSize getViewSize ()
void initActionsToolbar ()
void initSegmentRefreshStatusIds ()
virtual void initStatusBar ()
void initZoomToolbar ()
bool isCompositionModified ()
bool isInCtor ()
ControllerEventsRulermakeControllerEventRuler (const ControlParameter *controller=0)
PropertyControlRulermakePropertyControlRuler (PropertyName propertyName)
std::string makeViewLocalPropertyPrefix ()
virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e)
virtual void readOptions ()
void setBottomStandardRuler (StandardRuler *)
virtual void setCanvasView (RosegardenCanvasView *cv)
void setCompositionModified (bool)
void setConfigDialogPageIndex (int p)
void setControlRulersCurrentSegment ()
void setControlRulersZoom (QWMatrix)
void setOutOfCtor ()
void setRCFileName (QString s)
void setRewFFwdToAutoRepeat ()
void setTool (EditTool *)
void setTopStandardRuler (StandardRuler *, QWidget *leftBox=NULL)
virtual void setupActions (QString rcFileName, bool haveClipboard=true)
virtual void setupActions ()
void setupAddControlRulerMenu ()
bool setupControllerTabs ()
virtual void setViewSize (QSize)
void showPropertyControlRuler (PropertyName propertyName)
virtual void slotSaveOptions ()
virtual void toggleWidget (QWidget *widget, const QString &toggleActionName)
virtual void updateBottomWidgetGeometry ()
void updateControlRulers (bool updateHPos=false)
virtual void updateQuantizeCombo ()
virtual void updateViewCaption ()
virtual void windowActivationChange (bool)

Protected Attributes

QAccel * m_accelerators
QVBox * m_bottomBox
StandardRuler * m_bottomStandardRuler
MatrixCanvasView * m_canvasView
QFrame * m_centralFrame
unsigned int m_compositionRefreshStatusId
KConfig * m_config
int m_configDialogPageIndex
QVBoxLayout * m_controlBox
KTabWidget * m_controlRulers
 The current selection of Events (for cut/copy/paste).
QWMatrix m_currentRulerZoomMatrix
KDockWidget * m_dockLeft
bool m_dockVisible
bool m_drumMode
MidiByte m_firstNote
QGridLayout * m_grid
bool m_haveHoveredOverNote
bool m_havePendingPaintEvent
MatrixHLayout m_hlayout
QLabel * m_hoveredOverAbsoluteTime
QLabel * m_hoveredOverNoteName
ZoomSlider< double > * m_hZoomSlider
bool m_inCtor
QLabel * m_insertModeLabel
timeT m_lastEndMarkerTime
MidiByte m_lastNote
MidiKeyMapping * m_localMapping
unsigned int m_mainCol
KDockWidget * m_mainDockWidget
bool m_mouseInCanvasView
bool m_needUpdate
std::vector< std::pair< int,
int > > 
QPaintEvent * m_pendingPaintEvent
PitchRuler * m_pitchRuler
bool m_playTracking
int m_previousEvPitch
std::vector< std::pair
< PropertyViewRuler
*, PropertyBox * > > 
std::vector< timeT > m_quantizations
KComboBox * m_quantizeCombo
QString m_rcFileName
QVBoxLayout * m_rulerBox
QLabel * m_rulerBoxFiller
std::vector< Segment * > m_segments
std::vector< unsigned int > m_segmentsRefreshStatusIds
PropertyName m_selectedProperty
QLabel * m_selectionCounter
KComboBox * m_snapGridCombo
std::vector< timeT > m_snapValues
std::vector< MatrixStaff * > m_staffs
QWidget * m_tempoRuler
EditViewTimeSigNotifier * m_timeSigNotifier
QString m_toolContextHelp
StandardRuler * m_topStandardRuler
KComboBox * m_velocityCombo
std::string m_viewLocalPropertyPrefix
int m_viewNumber
MatrixVLayout m_vlayout
ZoomSlider< double > * m_vZoomSlider
QLabel * m_zoomLabel

Static Protected Attributes

static const unsigned int CANVASVIEW_ROW = TOPBARBUTTONS_ROW + 1
static const unsigned int CONTROLRULER_ROW = CANVASVIEW_ROW + 1
static const unsigned int CONTROLS_ROW = 0
static bool m_inPaintEvent = false
static std::set< int > m_viewNumberPool
static const unsigned int RULERS_ROW = CONTROLS_ROW + 1
static const unsigned int TOPBARBUTTONS_ROW = RULERS_ROW + 1


class MatrixSelector

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