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void Rosegarden::MatrixView::slotHoveredOverKeyChanged ( unsigned int  y  )  [slot]

Called when the mouse cursor moves over a different key on the piano keyboard

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Definition at line 1498 of file MatrixView.cpp.

References m_previousEvPitch.

Referenced by MatrixView(), slotKeyPressed(), slotKeySelected(), and slotPercussionSetChanged().

    MatrixStaff& staff = *(m_staffs[0]);

    int evPitch = staff.getHeightAtCanvasCoords( -1, y);

    if (evPitch != m_previousEvPitch) {
        MidiPitchLabel label(evPitch);
        m_hoveredOverNoteName->setText(QString("%1 (%2)").
        m_previousEvPitch = evPitch;

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