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void Rosegarden::RosegardenGUIApp::slotGrooveQuantize (  )  [slot]

Calculate timing/tempo info based on selected segment

Definition at line 2616 of file RosegardenGUIApp.cpp.

References Rosegarden::RosegardenGUIView::getSelection(), Rosegarden::RosegardenGUIView::haveSelection(), m_view, and Rosegarden::RosegardenGUIView::slotAddCommandToHistory().

Referenced by setupActions().

    if (!m_view->haveSelection())
        return ;

    SegmentSelection selection = m_view->getSelection();

    if (selection.size() != 1) {
        KMessageBox::sorry(this, i18n("This function needs no more than one segment to be selected."));
        return ;

    Segment *s = *selection.begin();
    m_view->slotAddCommandToHistory(new CreateTempoMapFromSegmentCommand(s));

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