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Rosegarden::RosegardenGUIDoc Class Reference

#include <RosegardenGUIDoc.h>

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Detailed Description

RosegardenGUIDoc provides a document object for a document-view model.

The RosegardenGUIDoc class provides a document object that can be used in conjunction with the classes RosegardenGUIApp and RosegardenGUIView to create a document-view model for standard KDE applications based on KApplication and KTMainWindow. Thereby, the document object is created by the RosegardenGUIApp instance and contains the document structure with the according methods for manipulation of the document data by RosegardenGUIView objects. Also, RosegardenGUIDoc contains the methods for serialization of the document data from and to files.

RosegardenGUIDoc owns the Composition in the document.

Definition at line 83 of file RosegardenGUIDoc.h.

Public Slots

void slotAutoSave ()
void slotDocColoursChanged ()
void slotDocumentModified ()
void slotDocumentRestored ()
void slotSetLoop (timeT s, timeT e)
void slotSetPlayPosition (timeT t)
void slotSetPointerPosition (timeT)
void slotUpdateAllViews (RosegardenGUIView *sender)


void audioFileFinalized (Segment *)
void devicesResyncd ()
void docColoursChanged ()
void documentModified (bool)
void loopChanged (timeT, timeT)
void makeTrackVisible (int trackPosition)
void newAudioRecordingSegment (Segment *)
void newMIDIRecordingSegment (Segment *)
void playPositionChanged (timeT)
void pointerPositionChanged (timeT)
void recordMIDISegmentUpdated (Segment *recordSegment, timeT updatedFrom)
void stoppedAudioRecording ()
void stoppedMIDIRecording ()

Public Member Functions

void addOrphanedDerivedAudioFile (QString fileName)
void addOrphanedRecordedAudioFile (QString fileName)
void addRecordAudioSegment (InstrumentId, AudioFileId)
void addRecordMIDISegment (TrackId)
void attachEditView (EditViewBase *)
void attachView (RosegardenGUIView *view)
void clearAllPlugins ()
void clearModifiedStatus ()
void clearStudio ()
void deleteEditViews ()
void detachEditView (EditViewBase *)
void detachView (RosegardenGUIView *view)
bool exportStudio (const QString &filename, std::vector< DeviceId > devices=std::vector< DeviceId >())
void finalizeAudioFile (InstrumentId instrument)
const QString & getAbsFilePath () const
const AudioFileManager & getAudioFileManager () const
AudioFileManager & getAudioFileManager ()
RealTime getAudioPlayLatency ()
const AudioPreviewThread & getAudioPreviewThread () const
AudioPreviewThread & getAudioPreviewThread ()
RealTime getAudioRecordLatency ()
unsigned int getAutoSavePeriod () const
ClipboardgetClipboard ()
MultiViewCommandHistorygetCommandHistory ()
const Composition & getComposition () const
Composition & getComposition ()
const DocumentConfiguration & getConfiguration () const
DocumentConfiguration & getConfiguration ()
QString getCurrentTimer ()
void getMappedDevice (DeviceId id)
AudioPluginManager * getPluginManager ()
timeT getQuickMarkerTime ()
SequenceManager * getSequenceManager ()
const Studio & getStudio () const
Studio & getStudio ()
QStringList getTimers ()
const QString & getTitle () const
QList< RosegardenGUIView > & getViewList ()
void initialiseControllers ()
void initialiseStudio ()
void insertRecordedMidi (const MappedComposition &mc)
bool isBeingDestroyed ()
bool isModified () const
bool isRegularDotRGFile ()
bool isSequencerRunning ()
void jumpToQuickMarker ()
void mergeDocument (RosegardenGUIDoc *doc, int options)
void notifyAudioFileRemoval (AudioFileId id)
bool openDocument (const QString &filename, bool permanent=true, const char *format=0)
void prepareAudio ()
 RosegardenGUIDoc (QWidget *parent, AudioPluginManager *audioPluginManager=0, bool skipAutoload=false, const char *name=0)
bool saveDocument (const QString &filename, QString &errMsg, bool autosave=false)
bool saveIfModified ()
void setAbsFilePath (const QString &filename)
void setCurrentTimer (QString)
void setLoop (timeT, timeT)
void setPlayPosition (timeT)
void setQuickMarker ()
void setRecordStartTime (timeT t)
void setTitle (const QString &_t)
void stopRecordingAudio ()
void stopRecordingMidi ()
void syncDevices ()
void updateAudioRecordLatency ()
void updateRecordingAudioSegments ()
void updateRecordingMIDISegment ()
 ~RosegardenGUIDoc ()

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned int MinNbOfTracks

Protected Types

typedef std::map< int, PitchMapChanMap
typedef std::map< int, ChanMapNoteOnMap
typedef std::vector< NoteOnRecNoteOnRecSet
typedef std::map< int,
typedef std::map< InstrumentId,
Segment * > 

Protected Member Functions

bool deleteOrphanedAudioFiles (bool documentWillNotBeSaved)
QString getAutoSaveFileName ()
void insertRecordedEvent (Event *ev, int device, int channel, bool isNoteOn)
bool isAutoSaved () const
void newDocument ()
void performAutoload ()
NoteOnRecSetreplaceRecordedEvent (NoteOnRecSet &rec_vec, Event *fresh)
bool saveDocumentActual (const QString &filename, QString &errMsg, bool autosave=false)
void saveSegment (QTextStream &, Segment *, KProgress *, long totalNbOfEvents, long &count, QString extraAttributes=QString::null)
void setAutoSaved (bool s)
void setModified (bool m=true)
void storeNoteOnEvent (Segment *s, Segment::iterator it, int device, int channel)
bool xmlParse (QString fileContents, QString &errMsg, ProgressDialog *progress, unsigned int elementCount, bool permanent, bool &cancelled)

Protected Attributes

QString m_absFilePath
AudioFileManager m_audioFileManager
AudioPreviewThread m_audioPreviewThread
RealTime m_audioRecordLatency
bool m_autoSaved
int m_autoSavePeriod
bool m_beingDestroyed
Composition m_composition
DocumentConfiguration m_config
QList< EditViewBase > m_editViewList
bool m_modified
NoteOnMap m_noteOnEvents
std::vector< QString > m_orphanedDerivedAudioFiles
std::vector< QString > m_orphanedRecordedAudioFiles
AudioPluginManager * m_pluginManager
timeT m_quickMarkerTime
RecordingSegmentMap m_recordAudioSegments
RecordingSegmentMap m_recordMIDISegments
timeT m_recordStartTime
Studio m_studio
QString m_title
QList< RosegardenGUIViewm_viewList

Private Member Functions

RosegardenGUIDocoperator= (const RosegardenGUIDoc &doc)
 RosegardenGUIDoc (RosegardenGUIDoc *doc)


struct  NoteOnRec

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