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Rosegarden::ColourMap Class Reference

#include <ColourMap.h>

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Detailed Description

ColourMap is our table which maps the unsigned integer keys stored in segments to both a Colour and a String containing the 'name'

Definition at line 42 of file ColourMap.h.

Public Member Functions

bool addItem (Colour colour, std::string name, unsigned int id)
bool addItem (Colour colour, std::string name)
RCMap::const_iterator begin ()
 ColourMap (const Colour &input)
 ColourMap ()
bool deleteItemByIndex (unsigned int item_num)
RCMap::const_iterator end ()
Colour getColourByIndex (unsigned int item_num) const
std::string getNameByIndex (unsigned int item_num) const
bool modifyColourByIndex (unsigned int item_num, Colour colour)
bool modifyNameByIndex (unsigned int item_num, std::string name)
ColourMapoperator= (const ColourMap &input)
int size () const
bool swapItems (unsigned int item_1, unsigned int item_2)
std::string toXmlString (std::string name) const

Private Attributes

RCMap m_map

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