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Rosegarden::CompositionObserver Class Reference

#include <Composition.h>

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Detailed Description

If you subclass from CompositionObserver, you can then attach to a Composition to receive notification when something changes.

Normally all the methods in this class would be pure virtual. But because there are so many, that imposes far too much work on the subclass implementation in a case where it only really wants to know about one thing, such as segments being deleted. So we have empty default implementations, and you'll just have to take a bit more care to make sure you really are making the correct declarations in the subclass.

Definition at line 1017 of file Composition.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void compositionDeleted (const Composition *)
virtual void endMarkerTimeChanged (const Composition *, bool)
bool isCompositionDeleted ()
virtual void metronomeChanged (const Composition *)
virtual void segmentAdded (const Composition *, Segment *)
virtual void segmentEndMarkerChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, bool)
virtual void segmentEventsTimingChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, timeT, RealTime)
virtual void segmentRemoved (const Composition *, Segment *)
virtual void segmentRepeatChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, bool)
virtual void segmentRepeatEndChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, timeT)
virtual void segmentStartChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, timeT)
virtual void segmentTrackChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, TrackId)
virtual void segmentTransposeChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, int)
virtual void soloChanged (const Composition *, bool, TrackId)
virtual void tempoChanged (const Composition *)
virtual void timeSignatureChanged (const Composition *)
virtual void trackChanged (const Composition *, Track *)
virtual void trackDeleted (const Composition *, TrackId)

Protected Attributes

bool m_compositionDeleted

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