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Rosegarden::ExternalTransport Class Reference

#include <ExternalTransport.h>

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Detailed Description

Simple interface that we can pass to low-level audio code and on which it can call back when something external requests a transport change. The callback is asynchronous, and there's a method for the low-level code to use to find out whether its request has finished synchronising yet.

(Each of the transportXX functions returns a token which can then be passed to isTransportSyncComplete.)

Definition at line 31 of file ExternalTransport.h.

Public Types

enum  TransportRequest {
  TransportNoChange, TransportStop, TransportStart, TransportPlay,
  TransportRecord, TransportJumpToTime, TransportStartAtTime, TransportStopAtTime
typedef unsigned long TransportToken

Public Member Functions

virtual TransportToken getInvalidTransportToken () const =0
virtual bool isTransportSyncComplete (TransportToken token)=0
virtual TransportToken transportChange (TransportRequest)=0
virtual TransportToken transportJump (TransportRequest, RealTime)=0

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