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Rosegarden::LilyPondExporter Class Reference

#include <LilyPondExporter.h>

Inheritance diagram for Rosegarden::LilyPondExporter:

List of all members.

Detailed Description

LilyPond scorefile export

Definition at line 76 of file LilyPondExporter.h.

Public Types

typedef std::multiset< Event
*, Event::EventEndCmp > 
typedef std::multiset< Event
*, Event::EventCmp > 


void incrementProgress (int)
void setOperationName (QString)
void setProgress (int)
 Report progress.

Public Member Functions

 LilyPondExporter (NotationView *parent, RosegardenGUIDoc *, std::string fileName)
 LilyPondExporter (RosegardenGUIApp *parent, RosegardenGUIDoc *, std::string fileName)
bool write ()

Protected Slots

virtual void slotCancel ()

Protected Member Functions

timeT calculateDuration (Segment *s, const Segment::iterator &i, timeT barEnd, timeT &soundingDuration, const std::pair< int, int > &tupletRatio, bool &overlong)
std::string composeLilyMark (std::string eventMark, bool stemUp)
std::string convertPitchToLilyNote (int pitch, Accidental accidental, const Rosegarden::Key &key)
std::string convertPitchToLilyNoteName (int pitch, Accidental accidental, const Rosegarden::Key &key)
bool handleDirective (const Event *textEvent, std::string &lilyText, bool &nextBarIsAlt1, bool &nextBarIsAlt2, bool &nextBarIsDouble, bool &nextBarIsEnd, bool &nextBarIsDot)
void handleEndingPostEvents (eventendlist &postEventsInProgress, const Segment::iterator &j, std::ofstream &str)
void handleEndingPreEvents (eventendlist &preEventsInProgress, const Segment::iterator &j, std::ofstream &str)
void handleStartingPostEvents (eventstartlist &postEventsToStart, std::ofstream &str)
void handleStartingPreEvents (eventstartlist &preEventsToStart, std::ofstream &str)
void handleText (const Event *, std::string &lilyText)
std::string indent (const int &column)
bool isOperationCancelled () const
std::string protectIllegalChars (std::string inStr)
void readConfigVariables (void)
void throwIfCancelled ()
void writeBar (Segment *, int barNo, timeT barStart, timeT barEnd, int col, Rosegarden::Key &key, std::string &lilyText, std::string &prevStyle, eventendlist &preEventsInProgress, eventendlist &postEventsInProgress, std::ofstream &str, int &MultiMeasureRestCount, bool &nextBarIsAlt1, bool &nextBarIsAlt2, bool &nextBarIsDouble, bool &nextBarIsEnd, bool &nextBarIsDot)
std::pair< int, int > writeDuration (timeT duration, std::ofstream &)
void writePitch (const Event *note, const Rosegarden::Key &key, std::ofstream &)
std::pair< int, int > writeSkip (const TimeSignature &timeSig, timeT offset, timeT duration, bool useRests, std::ofstream &)
void writeSlashes (const Event *note, std::ofstream &)
void writeStyle (const Event *note, std::string &prevStyle, int col, std::ofstream &, bool isInChord)

Protected Attributes

Composition * m_composition
std::string m_fileName
bool m_isCancelled
Clef m_lastClefFound
Studio * m_studio

Private Member Functions

std::pair< int, int > fractionProduct (std::pair< int, int > x, int y)
std::pair< int, int > fractionProduct (std::pair< int, int > x, std::pair< int, int > y)
std::pair< int, int > fractionSimplify (std::pair< int, int > x)
bool fractionSmaller (std::pair< int, int > x, std::pair< int, int > y)
std::pair< int, int > fractionSum (std::pair< int, int > x, std::pair< int, int > y)
int gcd (int a, int b)

Private Attributes

bool m_chordNamesMode
bool m_exportBeams
bool m_exportLyrics
unsigned int m_exportMarkerMode
bool m_exportMidi
bool m_exportPointAndClick
unsigned int m_exportSelection
bool m_exportStaffGroup
bool m_exportStaffMerge
unsigned int m_exportTempoMarks
unsigned int m_fontSize
int m_languageLevel
unsigned int m_lyricsHAlignment
bool m_paperLandscape
unsigned int m_paperSize
bool m_raggedBottom

Static Private Attributes

static const unsigned int CENTER_ALIGN = 1
static const unsigned int EXPORT_ALL_TEMPO_MARKS = 2
static const unsigned int EXPORT_ALL_TRACKS = 0
static const unsigned int EXPORT_DEFAULT_MARKERS = 1
static const unsigned int EXPORT_FIRST_TEMPO_MARK = 1
static const unsigned int EXPORT_NO_MARKERS = 0
static const unsigned int EXPORT_NONE_TEMPO_MARKS = 0
static const unsigned int EXPORT_NONMUTED_TRACKS = 1
static const unsigned int EXPORT_SELECTED_SEGMENTS = 3
static const unsigned int EXPORT_SELECTED_TRACK = 2
static const unsigned int EXPORT_TEXT_MARKERS = 2
static const unsigned int FONT_11 = 0
static const unsigned int FONT_13 = 1
static const unsigned int FONT_16 = 2
static const unsigned int FONT_19 = 3
static const unsigned int FONT_20 = 4
static const unsigned int FONT_23 = 5
static const unsigned int FONT_26 = 6
static const unsigned int LEFT_ALIGN = 0
static const int LILYPOND_VERSION_2_10 = 2
static const int LILYPOND_VERSION_2_12 = 3
static const int LILYPOND_VERSION_2_6 = 0
static const int LILYPOND_VERSION_2_8 = 1
static const int MAX_DOTS = 4
static const unsigned int PAPER_A3 = 0
static const unsigned int PAPER_A4 = 1
static const unsigned int PAPER_A5 = 2
static const unsigned int PAPER_A6 = 3
static const unsigned int PAPER_LEGAL = 4
static const unsigned int PAPER_LETTER = 5
static const unsigned int PAPER_NONE = 7
static const unsigned int PAPER_TABLOID = 6
static const unsigned int RIGHT_ALIGN = 2
static const PropertyName SKIP_PROPERTY = "LilyPondExportSkipThisEvent"

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