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Rosegarden::NotationConfigurationPage Class Reference

#include <NotationConfigurationPage.h>

Inheritance diagram for Rosegarden::NotationConfigurationPage:

Rosegarden::TabbedConfigurationPage Rosegarden::ConfigurationPage

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Notation Configuration page

Definition at line 47 of file NotationConfigurationPage.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void apply ()
virtual void dismiss ()
 NotationConfigurationPage (KConfig *cfg, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
int pageIndex () const
void setPageIndex (int aPageIndex)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString iconLabel ()
static QString iconName ()
static QString title ()

Protected Slots

void slotFontComboChanged (int)
void slotPopulateFontCombo (bool rescan)
void slotViewButtonPressed ()

Protected Member Functions

void addTab (QWidget *tab, const QString &title)
void init ()
void populateSizeCombo (QComboBox *combo, std::string font, int dfltSize)

Protected Attributes

QComboBox * m_accBarPolicy
QComboBox * m_accOctavePolicy
QCheckBox * m_autoBeam
KConfig * m_cfg
QCheckBox * m_collapseRests
QCheckBox * m_colourQuantize
QComboBox * m_font
QLabel * m_fontCopyrightLabel
QLabel * m_fontMappedByLabel
QLabel * m_fontOriginLabel
QLabel * m_fontTypeLabel
QComboBox * m_insertType
QComboBox * m_keySigCancelMode
QComboBox * m_layoutMode
QComboBox * m_multiStaffSize
QComboBox * m_noteStyle
int m_pageIndex
QComboBox * m_pasteType
QComboBox * m_printingSize
QComboBox * m_proportion
QuantizeParameters * m_quantizeFrame
KFontRequester * m_sansFont
QCheckBox * m_showCollisions
QCheckBox * m_showInvisibles
QCheckBox * m_showRanges
QComboBox * m_showTrackHeaders
QCheckBox * m_showUnknowns
QComboBox * m_singleStaffSize
QComboBox * m_spacing
QCheckBox * m_splitAndTie
QTabWidget * m_tabWidget
KFontRequester * m_textFont
KFontRequester * m_timeSigFont
QStringList m_untranslatedFont
QStringList m_untranslatedNoteStyle
QPushButton * m_viewButton

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