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Rosegarden::NotationElement Class Reference

#include <NotationElement.h>

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Detailed Description

The Notation H and V layout is performed on a NotationElementList. Once this is done, each NotationElement is affected a QCanvasItem which is set at these coords.

See also:

Definition at line 46 of file NotationElement.h.

Public Types

typedef Exception NoCanvasItem

Public Member Functions

void addCanvasItem (QCanvasItem *e, double canvasX, double canvasY)
void dump (std::ostream &) const
Eventevent ()
const Eventevent () const
void getCanvasAirspace (double &x, double &width)
QCanvasItem * getCanvasItem ()
 Returns the associated canvas item.
double getCanvasX ()
 returns the x pos of the associated canvas item
double getCanvasY ()
 returns the y pos of the associated canvas item
void getLayoutAirspace (double &x, double &width)
virtual double getLayoutX () const
virtual double getLayoutY () const
virtual timeT getViewAbsoluteTime () const
virtual timeT getViewDuration () const
bool isColliding ()
bool isGrace () const
 Returns true if the wrapped event is a grace note.
bool isNote () const
 Returns true if the wrapped event is a note.
bool isRecentlyRegenerated ()
bool isRest () const
 Returns true if the wrapped event is a rest.
bool isSelected ()
bool isTuplet () const
 Returns true if the wrapped event is a tuplet.
 NotationElement (Event *event)
void removeCanvasItem ()
void reposition (double canvasX, double canvasY)
void setCanvasItem (QCanvasItem *e, double canvasX, double canvasY)
void setIsColliding (bool value)
void setLayoutAirspace (double x, double width)
virtual void setLayoutX (double x)
virtual void setLayoutY (double y)
void setSelected (bool selected)

Protected Types

typedef std::vector
< QCanvasItem * > 

Protected Attributes

double m_airWidth
double m_airX
QCanvasItem * m_canvasItem
ItemList * m_extraItems
bool m_isColliding
double m_layoutX
double m_layoutY
bool m_recentlyRegenerated


bool operator< (const ViewElement &, const ViewElement &)

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