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Rosegarden::NotationGroup Class Reference

#include <NotationGroup.h>

Inheritance diagram for Rosegarden::NotationGroup:

Rosegarden::AbstractSet< Element, Container >

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Several sorts of "Beamed Group".

Definition at line 42 of file NotationGroup.h.

Public Types

typedef Container::iterator Iterator
enum  Type { Beamed, Tupled }

Public Member Functions

void applyBeam (NotationStaff &)
void applyStemProperties ()
void applyTuplingLine (NotationStaff &)
virtual bool contains (const Iterator &) const =0
virtual bool contains (const NELIterator &) const
EventgetAsEvent (const NotationElementList::iterator &i)
EventgetAsEvent (const CompositionTimeSliceAdapter::iterator &i)
EventgetAsEvent (const Segment::iterator &i)
Iterator getFinalElement () const
Iterator getFinalNote () const
Type getGroupType () const
Iterator getHighestNote () const
 these will return end() if there are no note elements in the set
Iterator getInitialElement () const
Iterator getInitialNote () const
 only return note elements; will return end() if there are none
Iterator getLongestElement () const
Iterator getLowestNote () const
Iterator getShortestElement () const
 NotationGroup (NotationElementList &nel, const Quantizer *, const NotationProperties &properties, const Clef &clef, const Key &key)
 Caller intends to call sample() for each item in the group, _in order_.
 NotationGroup (NotationElementList &nel, NELIterator elementInGroup, const Quantizer *, std::pair< timeT, timeT > barRange, const NotationProperties &properties, const Clef &clef, const Key &key)
 Group contents will be sampled from elements surrounding elementInGroup.
virtual bool sample (const NELIterator &i, bool goingForwards)

Static Public Member Functions

static EventgetAsEvent (const Iterator &i)
 Return the pointed-to element, in Event form (public to work around gcc-2.95 bug).

Protected Member Functions

Container & getContainer () const
const QuantizergetQuantizer () const
void initialise ()
virtual bool sample (const Iterator &i, bool goingForwards)
 Return true if this element, known to test() true, is a set member.
virtual bool test (const Iterator &i)=0
 Return true if this element is not definitely beyond bounds of set.
virtual bool test (const NELIterator &i)

Protected Attributes

Iterator m_baseIterator
Container & m_container
Iterator m_final
Iterator m_finalNote
Iterator m_highest
Iterator m_initial
Iterator m_initialNote
Iterator m_longest
Iterator m_lowest
const Quantizerm_quantizer
Iterator m_shortest

Private Member Functions

Beam calculateBeam (NotationStaff &)
bool haveInternalRest () const
int height (const NELIterator &) const

Private Attributes

std::pair< timeT, timeT > m_barRange
const Clefm_clef
long m_groupNo
const Keym_key
const NotationPropertiesm_properties
Type m_type
bool m_userSamples
int m_weightAbove
int m_weightBelow


struct  Beam

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