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Rosegarden::Quantizer Class Reference

#include <Quantizer.h>

Inherited by Rosegarden::BasicQuantizer, Rosegarden::LegatoQuantizer, Rosegarden::NotationQuantizer, and Rosegarden::NotationQuantizer::Impl::ProvisionalQuantizer.

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Detailed Description

The Quantizer class rounds the starting times and durations of note and rest events according to one of a set of possible criteria.

Definition at line 34 of file Quantizer.h.

Public Member Functions

void fixQuantizedValues (Segment *, Segment::iterator from, Segment::iterator to) const
timeT getFromSource (Event *, ValueType) const
timeT getFromTarget (Event *, ValueType) const
virtual timeT getQuantizedAbsoluteTime (const Event *e) const
virtual timeT getQuantizedDuration (const Event *e) const
virtual timeT getUnquantizedAbsoluteTime (Event *e) const
virtual timeT getUnquantizedDuration (Event *e) const
void quantize (EventSelection *)
void quantize (Segment *, Segment::iterator from, Segment::iterator to) const
void quantize (Segment *) const
void setToTarget (Segment *, Segment::iterator, timeT t, timeT d) const
void unquantize (EventSelection *) const
void unquantize (Segment *, Segment::iterator from, Segment::iterator to) const

Public Attributes

FastVector< Event * > m_toInsert

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string DefaultTarget = "DefaultQ"
static const std::string GlobalSource = "GlobalQ"
static const std::string NotationPrefix = "Notation"
static const std::string RawEventData = ""

Protected Types

enum  ValueType { AbsoluteTimeValue = 0, DurationValue = 1 }

Protected Member Functions

void insertNewEvents (Segment *) const
void makePropertyNames ()
 Quantizer (std::string target)
 Quantizer (std::string source, std::string target)
virtual void quantizeRange (Segment *, Segment::iterator, Segment::iterator) const
virtual void quantizeSingle (Segment *, Segment::iterator) const
void removeProperties (Event *) const
void removeTargetProperties (Event *) const

Protected Attributes

std::pair< timeT, timeT > m_normalizeRegion
std::string m_source
PropertyName m_sourceProperties [2]
std::string m_target
PropertyName m_targetProperties [2]

Private Member Functions

bool operator!= (const Quantizer &c) const
Quantizeroperator= (const Quantizer &)
bool operator== (const Quantizer &) const
 Quantizer (const Quantizer &)

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