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Rosegarden::SegmentResizeFromStartCommand Class Reference

#include <SegmentResizeFromStartCommand.h>

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Detailed Description

SegmentResizeFromStartCommand moves the start time of a segment leaving the events in it at the same absolute times as before, so padding with rests or deleting events as appropriate. (Distinct from Segment::setStartTime, as used by SegmentReconfigureCommand, which moves all the events in the segment.) Not for use on audio segments (see AudioSegmentResizeFromStartCommand).

Definition at line 42 of file SegmentResizeFromStartCommand.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void execute ()
timeT getEndTime ()
virtual timeT getRelayoutEndTime ()
virtual Segment & getSegment ()
timeT getStartTime ()
 SegmentResizeFromStartCommand (Segment *segment, timeT newStartTime)
virtual void unexecute ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void beginExecute ()
virtual void modifySegment ()

Private Attributes

timeT m_newStartTime
timeT m_oldStartTime
Segment * m_segment

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