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Rosegarden::SimpleRulerScale Class Reference

#include <RulerScale.h>

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Detailed Description

SimpleRulerScale is an implementation of RulerScale that maintains a strict proportional correspondence between x-coordinate and time.

Definition at line 124 of file RulerScale.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual int getBarForX (double x) const
virtual double getBarPosition (int n) const
virtual double getBarWidth (int n) const
virtual double getBeatWidth (int n) const
Composition * getComposition () const
virtual timeT getDurationForWidth (double x, double width) const
virtual int getFirstVisibleBar () const
virtual int getLastVisibleBar () const
double getOrigin () const
virtual timeT getTimeForX (double x) const
virtual double getTotalWidth () const
double getUnitsPerPixel () const
virtual double getWidthForDuration (timeT startTime, timeT duration) const
virtual double getXForTime (timeT time) const
void setOrigin (double origin)
void setUnitsPerPixel (double ratio)
 SimpleRulerScale (Composition *composition, double origin, double unitsPerPixel)

Protected Attributes

Composition * m_composition
double m_origin
double m_ratio

Private Member Functions

SimpleRulerScaleoperator= (const SimpleRulerScale &ruler)
 SimpleRulerScale (const SimpleRulerScale &ruler)

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