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Rosegarden::TempoView Class Reference

#include <TempoView.h>

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Detailed Description

Tempo and time signature list-style editor. This has some code in common with EventView, but not enough to make them any more shareable than simply through EditViewBase. Hopefully this one should prove considerably simpler, anyway.

Definition at line 55 of file TempoView.h.

Public Slots

void slotClearSelection ()
virtual void slotCloseWindow ()
virtual void slotCompositionStateUpdate ()
void slotEdit ()
virtual void slotEditCopy ()
virtual void slotEditCut ()
void slotEditDelete ()
void slotEditInsertTempo ()
void slotEditInsertTimeSignature ()
virtual void slotEditPaste ()
void slotModifyFilter (int)
void slotMusicalTime ()
virtual void slotOpenInEventList ()
virtual void slotOpenInMatrix ()
virtual void slotOpenInNotation ()
virtual void slotOpenInPercussionMatrix ()
void slotPopupEditor (QListViewItem *)
void slotRawTime ()
void slotRealTime ()
void slotSelectAll ()
void slotSetSegmentDuration ()
void slotSetSegmentStartTime ()
void slotStateChanged (const QString &, bool noReverse)
virtual void slotStatusHelpMsg (const QString &text)
virtual void slotStatusMsg (const QString &text)
virtual void slotTestClipboard ()
virtual void slotToggleSolo ()
virtual void slotToggleStatusBar ()
virtual void slotToggleToolBar ()


void changeTempo (timeT, tempoT, tempoT, TempoDialog::TempoDialogAction)
void closing ()
void openInEventList (std::vector< Segment * >)
void openInMatrix (std::vector< Segment * >)
void openInNotation (std::vector< Segment * >)
void openInPercussionMatrix (std::vector< Segment * >)
void saveFile ()
void selectTrack (int)
void toggleSolo (bool)
void windowActivated ()

Public Member Functions

virtual void addCommandToHistory (KCommand *)
virtual bool applyLayout (int staffNo=-1)
virtual void compositionDeleted (const Composition *)
void createMenu ()
virtual void endMarkerTimeChanged (const Composition *, bool)
QAccel * getAccelerators ()
virtual MultiViewCommandHistorygetCommandHistory ()
RosegardenGUIDocgetDocument ()
const RosegardenGUIDocgetDocument () const
EditToolBoxgetToolBox ()
std::string getViewLocalPropertyPrefix ()
virtual QSize getViewSize ()
virtual void handleEventRemoved (Event *event)
virtual void initStatusBar ()
bool isCompositionDeleted ()
virtual void metronomeChanged (const Composition *)
virtual void refreshSegment (Segment *segment, timeT startTime=0, timeT endTime=0)
virtual void segmentAdded (const Composition *, Segment *)
virtual void segmentEndMarkerChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, bool)
virtual void segmentEventsTimingChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, timeT, RealTime)
virtual void segmentRemoved (const Composition *, Segment *)
virtual void segmentRepeatChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, bool)
virtual void segmentRepeatEndChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, timeT)
virtual void segmentStartChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, timeT)
virtual void segmentTrackChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, TrackId)
virtual void segmentTransposeChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, int)
void setButtonsToFilter ()
virtual void setupActions ()
virtual void setViewSize (QSize)
virtual void soloChanged (const Composition *, bool, TrackId)
virtual void tempoChanged (const Composition *)
 TempoView (RosegardenGUIDoc *doc, QWidget *parent, timeT)
virtual void timeSignatureChanged (const Composition *)
virtual void trackChanged (const Composition *, Track *)
virtual void trackDeleted (const Composition *, TrackId)
virtual void updateView ()

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned int ID_STATUS_MSG = 1
static const unsigned int NbLayoutRows = 6

Protected Slots

virtual void slotConfigure ()
virtual void slotEditKeys ()
virtual void slotEditToolbars ()
virtual void slotSaveOptions ()
virtual void slotUpdateToolbars ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *)
QWidget * getCentralWidget ()
int getConfigDialogPageIndex ()
virtual Segment * getCurrentSegment ()
QString getRCFileName ()
bool getSegmentsOnlyRestsAndClefs ()
KToggleAction * getToggleAction (const QString &actionName)
 Convenience function around actionCollection()->action().
void initSegmentRefreshStatusIds ()
bool isCompositionModified ()
bool isInCtor ()
void makeInitialSelection (timeT)
QString makeTimeString (timeT time, int timeMode)
std::string makeViewLocalPropertyPrefix ()
virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e)
virtual void readOptions ()
void setCompositionModified (bool)
void setConfigDialogPageIndex (int p)
void setOutOfCtor ()
void setRCFileName (QString s)
void setTool (EditTool *)
virtual void setupActions (QString rcFileName, bool haveClipboard=true)
virtual void toggleWidget (QWidget *widget, const QString &toggleActionName)
virtual void updateViewCaption ()
virtual void windowActivationChange (bool)

Protected Attributes

QAccel * m_accelerators
QFrame * m_centralFrame
bool m_compositionDeleted
unsigned int m_compositionRefreshStatusId
KConfig * m_config
int m_configDialogPageIndex
int m_filter
QButtonGroup * m_filterGroup
QGridLayout * m_grid
bool m_havePendingPaintEvent
bool m_ignoreUpdates
bool m_inCtor
KListView * m_list
std::vector< int > m_listSelection
unsigned int m_mainCol
KDockWidget * m_mainDockWidget
bool m_needUpdate
QPaintEvent * m_pendingPaintEvent
QString m_rcFileName
std::vector< Segment * > m_segments
std::vector< unsigned int > m_segmentsRefreshStatusIds
QCheckBox * m_tempoCheckBox
QCheckBox * m_timeSigCheckBox
EditViewTimeSigNotifier * m_timeSigNotifier
std::string m_viewLocalPropertyPrefix
int m_viewNumber

Static Protected Attributes

static bool m_inPaintEvent = false
static int m_lastSetFilter = -1
static std::set< int > m_viewNumberPool

Private Types

enum  Filter { None = 0x0000, Tempo = 0x0001, TimeSignature = 0x0002 }

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