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QPixmap NotePixmapFactory::toQPixmap ( QCanvasPixmap *  cp  )  [static]

We need this function because as of Qt 3.1, QCanvasPixmap is no longer copyable by value, while QPixmap still is.

So all the makeXXPixmap are now returning QCanvasPixmap* instead of QCanvasPixmap, but we need an easy way to convert them to QPixmap, since we use them that way quite often (to generate toolbar button icons for instance).

Definition at line 481 of file notepixmapfactory.cpp.

Referenced by MatrixView::initActionsToolbar(), NotationView::setupActions(), MatrixView::setupActions(), NotationView::slotFretboard(), NotationView::slotText(), and NotationView::slotTrebleClef().

    QPixmap p = *cp;
    delete cp;
    return p;

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