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Rosegarden::Indication Class Reference

#include <NotationTypes.h>

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Detailed Description

Indication is a collective name for graphical marks that span a series of events, such as slurs, dynamic marks etc. These are stored in indication Events with a type and duration. The Indication class gives a basic set of indication types.

Definition at line 551 of file NotationTypes.h.

Public Types

typedef Exception BadIndicationName

Public Member Functions

EventgetAsEvent (timeT absoluteTime) const
 Returned event is on heap; caller takes responsibility for ownership.
timeT getIndicationDuration () const
std::string getIndicationType () const
int getOttavaShift () const
 Indication (const Indication &m)
 Indication (const std::string &s, timeT indicationDuration)
 Indication (const Event &e)
bool isOttavaType () const
Indicationoperator= (const Indication &m)

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string Crescendo = "crescendo"
static const std::string Decrescendo = "decrescendo"
static const int EventSubOrdering = -50
static const std::string EventType = "indication"
static const std::string Glissando = "glissando"
static const PropertyName IndicationTypePropertyName = "indicationtype"
static const std::string OttavaDown = "ottavadown"
static const std::string OttavaUp = "ottavaup"
static const std::string PhrasingSlur = "phrasingslur"
static const std::string QuindicesimaDown = "ottava2down"
static const std::string QuindicesimaUp = "ottava2up"
static const std::string Slur = "slur"

Private Member Functions

bool isValid (const std::string &s) const

Private Attributes

timeT m_duration
std::string m_indicationType

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