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Rosegarden::ViewElement Class Reference

#include <ViewElement.h>

Inheritance diagram for Rosegarden::ViewElement:


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Detailed Description

The abstract base for classes which represent an Event as an on-screen graphic item (a note, a rectangle on a piano roll).

Definition at line 40 of file ViewElement.h.

Public Member Functions

void dump (std::ostream &) const
Eventevent ()
const Eventevent () const
virtual double getLayoutX () const
virtual double getLayoutY () const
virtual timeT getViewAbsoluteTime () const
virtual timeT getViewDuration () const
virtual void setLayoutX (double x)
virtual void setLayoutY (double y)

Protected Member Functions

 ViewElement (Event *)

Protected Attributes

double m_layoutX
double m_layoutY


bool operator< (const ViewElement &, const ViewElement &)
class Staff
class ViewElementList

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