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// -*- c-basic-offset: 4 -*-

    A sequencer and musical notation editor.

    This program is Copyright 2000-2006
        Guillaume Laurent   <glaurent@telegraph-road.org>,
        Chris Cannam        <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com>,
        Richard Bown        <bownie@bownie.com>

    The moral right of the authors to claim authorship of this work
    has been asserted.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
    modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
    published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
    License, or (at your option) any later version.  See the file
    COPYING included with this distribution for more information.


#include <vector>
#include <set>

#include <qaccel.h>

#include <kdockwidget.h>

#include "Event.h" // for timeT -- can't predeclare a typedef

namespace Rosegarden { class Segment; }

class QVBox;
class QGridLayout;
class QVBoxLayout;
class QScrollBar;

class KCommand;
class KToggleAction;

class RosegardenGUIDoc;
class MultiViewCommandHistory;
class EditTool;
class EditToolBox;
class BasicCommand;

class EditViewTimeSigNotifier;

class EditViewBase : public KDockMainWindow
    static const unsigned int ID_STATUS_MSG;
    static const unsigned int NbLayoutRows;



     * Create an EditViewBase for the segments \a segments from document \a doc.
     * \arg cols : number of columns, main column is always rightmost
    EditViewBase(RosegardenGUIDoc *doc,
             std::vector<Rosegarden::Segment *> segments,
             unsigned int cols,
             QWidget *parent,
             const char *name = 0);

    virtual ~EditViewBase();

    const RosegardenGUIDoc *getDocument() const { return m_doc; }
    RosegardenGUIDoc *getDocument() { return m_doc; }

     * Refresh part of a Segment following a modification made in this
     * or another view.  The startTime and endTime give the extents of
     * the modified region.  This method is called following a
     * modification to any Segment; no attempt has been made to check
     * that the given Segment is actually shown in this view, so take
     * care.
     * If segment is null, refresh all segments.
     * If the startTime and endTime are equal, refresh the whole of
     * the relevant segments.
    virtual void refreshSegment(Rosegarden::Segment *segment,
                        Rosegarden::timeT startTime = 0,
                        Rosegarden::timeT endTime = 0) = 0;

     * Get the document's global command history
    virtual MultiViewCommandHistory *getCommandHistory();

     * Add a Command to the history
    virtual void addCommandToHistory(KCommand *);

     * Update the view
    virtual void updateView() = 0;

     * Return our local accelerator object
    QAccel* getAccelerators() { return m_accelerators; }

     * Return a string unique to this view (amongst views currently
     * extant) that can be used (e.g. as a prefix) to distinguish
     * view-local properties.  It's up to the subclass or other user
     * of this string to manage the properties correctly, for example
     * by deleting them from the events when the view closes.
    std::string getViewLocalPropertyPrefix() {
      return m_viewLocalPropertyPrefix;

     * So that other people can create tools against our view
    EditToolBox* getToolBox() { return m_toolBox; }

     * Let tools know if their current element has gone
    virtual void handleEventRemoved(Rosegarden::Event *event);

     * Tell the app to save the file.
    void saveFile();

     * Reopen the given segments in another sort of editor.
    void openInNotation(std::vector<Rosegarden::Segment *>);
    void openInMatrix(std::vector<Rosegarden::Segment *>);
    void openInPercussionMatrix(std::vector<Rosegarden::Segment *>);
    void openInEventList(std::vector<Rosegarden::Segment *>);
     * Tell the main view that the track being edited is the
     * current selected track
     * This is used by #slotToggleSolo
    void selectTrack(int);

     * Tell the main view that the solo status has changed (the user clicked on the 'solo' toggle)
    void toggleSolo(bool);

    void windowActivated();

public slots:
     * close window
    virtual void slotCloseWindow();

     * put the indicationed text/object into the clipboard and remove * it
     * from the document
    virtual void slotEditCut() = 0;

     * put the indicationed text/object into the clipboard
    virtual void slotEditCopy() = 0;

     * paste the clipboard into the document
    virtual void slotEditPaste() = 0;

     * toggles the main toolbar
    virtual void slotToggleToolBar();

     * toggles the statusbar
    virtual void slotToggleStatusBar();

     * Changes the statusbar contents for the standard label permanently,
     * used to indicate current actions.
     * @param text the text that is displayed in the statusbar
    virtual void slotStatusMsg(const QString &text);

     * Changes the status message of the whole statusbar for two
     * seconds, then restores the last status. This is used to display
     * statusbar messages that give information about actions for
     * toolbar icons and menuentries.
     * @param text the text that is displayed in the statusbar
    virtual void slotStatusHelpMsg(const QString &text);

     * A command has happened; check the clipboard in case we
     * need to change state
    virtual void slotTestClipboard();

     * Connected to this view's toolbar 'solo' button
    virtual void slotToggleSolo();

    void slotStateChanged(const QString&, bool noReverse);

    virtual void slotOpenInMatrix();
    virtual void slotOpenInPercussionMatrix();
    virtual void slotOpenInNotation();
    virtual void slotOpenInEventList();
     * Set the start time of the current segment
    void slotSetSegmentStartTime();

     * Set the duration of the current segment
    void slotSetSegmentDuration();

     * Global composition updates from the main view (track selection, solo, etc...)
    virtual void slotCompositionStateUpdate();

    virtual void windowActivationChange(bool);

    virtual void paintEvent(QPaintEvent* e);

     * @see #setInCtor
    virtual void closeEvent(QCloseEvent* e);

     * ignore close events while we're in ctor
    void setOutOfCtor() { m_inCtor = false; }

     * Check if we're still in ctor
    bool isInCtor() { return m_inCtor; }
     * Set the current Notation tool (note inserter, rest inserter, eraser...)
     * Called when the user selects a new item on one of the notation toolbars
     * (notes toolbars, rests toolbars...)
    void setTool(EditTool*);

     * read general Options again and initialize all variables like the recent file list
    virtual void readOptions();

     * create menus and toolbars
    virtual void setupActions(QString rcFileName, bool haveClipboard = true);

     * setup status bar
    virtual void initStatusBar() = 0;

     * Abstract method to get current segment
    virtual Rosegarden::Segment *getCurrentSegment() = 0;

     * Set the caption of the view's window
    virtual void updateViewCaption() = 0;

protected slots:
     * save general Options like all bar positions and status as well
     * as the geometry and the recent file list to the configuration
     * file
    virtual void slotSaveOptions();
    virtual void slotConfigure();
    virtual void slotEditKeys();
    virtual void slotEditToolbars();
    virtual void slotUpdateToolbars();

    QWidget* getCentralWidget() { return m_centralFrame; }

    void initSegmentRefreshStatusIds();

    bool isCompositionModified();
    void setCompositionModified(bool);

     * Returns true if all of the segments contain
     * only rests and clefs events
    bool getSegmentsOnlyRestsAndClefs();

    /// Convenience function around actionCollection()->action()
    KToggleAction* getToggleAction(const QString& actionName);

     * Make a widget visible depending on the state of a
     * KToggleAction
    virtual void toggleWidget(QWidget* widget, const QString& toggleActionName);

    void setRCFileName(QString s) { m_rcFileName = s; }
    QString getRCFileName()       { return m_rcFileName; }

     * Set the page index of the config dialog which corresponds to
     * this editview
    void setConfigDialogPageIndex(int p) { m_configDialogPageIndex = p; }
    int getConfigDialogPageIndex()       { return m_configDialogPageIndex; }

    //--------------- Data members ---------------------------------
    QString m_rcFileName;

    static std::set<int> m_viewNumberPool;
    std::string makeViewLocalPropertyPrefix();
    int m_viewNumber;
    std::string m_viewLocalPropertyPrefix;

    KConfig* m_config;

    RosegardenGUIDoc* m_doc;
    std::vector<Rosegarden::Segment *> m_segments;
    std::vector<unsigned int> m_segmentsRefreshStatusIds;

    EditTool*    m_tool;
    EditToolBox* m_toolBox;

    KDockWidget *m_mainDockWidget;
    QFrame      *m_centralFrame;
    QGridLayout *m_grid;

    unsigned int m_mainCol;
    unsigned int m_compositionRefreshStatusId;
    bool         m_needUpdate;

    QPaintEvent *m_pendingPaintEvent;
    bool         m_havePendingPaintEvent;
    static bool  m_inPaintEvent; // true if _any_ edit view is in a paint event

    QAccel      *m_accelerators;

    int          m_configDialogPageIndex;

    bool         m_inCtor;

    EditViewTimeSigNotifier *m_timeSigNotifier;


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