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NotationElement Class Reference

#include <notationelement.h>

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Detailed Description

The Notation H and V layout is performed on a NotationElementList. Once this is done, each NotationElement is affected a QCanvasItem which is set at these coords.

See also:

Definition at line 41 of file notationelement.h.

Public Types

typedef Rosegarden::Exception NoCanvasItem

Public Member Functions

void addCanvasItem (QCanvasItem *e, double canvasX, double canvasY)
void dump (std::ostream &) const
Event * event ()
const Event * event () const
void getCanvasAirspace (double &x, double &width)
QCanvasItem * getCanvasItem ()
 Returns the associated canvas item.
double getCanvasX ()
 returns the x pos of the associated canvas item
double getCanvasY ()
 returns the y pos of the associated canvas item
void getLayoutAirspace (double &x, double &width)
virtual double getLayoutX () const
virtual double getLayoutY () const
virtual Rosegarden::timeT getViewAbsoluteTime () const
virtual Rosegarden::timeT getViewDuration () const
bool isGrace () const
 Returns true if the wrapped event is a grace note.
bool isNote () const
 Returns true if the wrapped event is a note.
bool isRecentlyRegenerated ()
bool isRest () const
 Returns true if the wrapped event is a rest.
bool isSelected ()
bool isTuplet () const
 Returns true if the wrapped event is a tuplet.
 NotationElement (Rosegarden::Event *event)
void removeCanvasItem ()
void reposition (double canvasX, double canvasY)
void setCanvasItem (QCanvasItem *e, double canvasX, double canvasY)
void setLayoutAirspace (double x, double width)
virtual void setLayoutX (double x)
virtual void setLayoutY (double y)
void setSelected (bool selected)

Protected Types

typedef std::vector
< QCanvasItem * > 

Protected Attributes

double m_airWidth
double m_airX
QCanvasItem * m_canvasItem
Event * m_event
ItemList * m_extraItems
double m_layoutX
double m_layoutY
bool m_recentlyRegenerated


bool operator< (const ViewElement &, const ViewElement &)

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