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RosegardenCanvasView Class Reference

#include <rosegardencanvasview.h>

Inheritance diagram for RosegardenCanvasView:

ControlRuler NotationCanvasView ControllerEventsRuler PropertyControlRuler

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Detailed Description

A QCanvasView with an auxiliary horiz. scrollbar That scrollbar should be provided by the parent widget (typically an EditView). The RosegardenCanvasView keeps the auxilliary horiz. scrollbar range in sync with the one of its own scrollbar with slotUpdate().

Definition at line 42 of file rosegardencanvasview.h.

Public Types

enum  { NoFollow = 0x0, FollowHorizontal = 0x1, FollowVertical = 0x2 }

Public Slots

void doAutoScroll ()
void slotScrollHoriz (int hpos)
void slotScrollHorizSmallSteps (int hpos)
void slotScrollVertSmallSteps (int vpos)
void slotScrollVertToTop (int vpos)
void slotSetScrollPos (const QPoint &)
virtual void slotUpdate ()
 Update the RosegardenCanvasView after a change of content.
void startAutoScroll (int directionConstraint)
void startAutoScroll ()
 Copied from QScrollView.
void stopAutoScroll ()


void bottomWidgetHeightChanged (int)
void zoomIn ()
void zoomOut ()

Public Member Functions

void fitWidthToContents ()
QPoint inverseMapPoint (const QPoint &p)
 Map a point with the inverse world matrix.
bool isAutoScrolling () const
bool isTimeForSmoothScroll ()
 RosegardenCanvasView (QCanvas *, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, WFlags f=0)
void setBottomFixedWidget (QWidget *)
void setScrollDirectionConstraint (int d)
void setSmoothScroll (bool s)
void updateBottomWidgetGeometry ()
virtual void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *)

Protected Types

enum  ScrollDirection {
  None, Top, Bottom, Left,

Protected Member Functions

virtual QScrollBar * getMainHorizontalScrollBar ()
virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *)
virtual void setHBarGeometry (QScrollBar &hbar, int x, int y, int w, int h)

Protected Attributes

int m_autoScrollAccel
bool m_autoScrolling
QPoint m_autoScrollStartPoint
int m_autoScrollTime
QTimer m_autoScrollTimer
int m_autoScrollXMargin
int m_autoScrollYMargin
QWidget * m_bottomWidget
int m_currentBottomWidgetHeight
ScrollDirection m_currentScrollDirection
float m_minDeltaScroll
QTime m_scrollAccelerationTimer
int m_scrollDirectionConstraint
QTime m_scrollTimer
bool m_smoothScroll
int m_smoothScrollTimeInterval

Static Protected Attributes

static const int AutoscrollMargin = 16
static const int DefaultMinDeltaScroll = 1.2
static const int DefaultSmoothScrollTimeInterval = 10
static const int InitialScrollAccel = 5
static const int InitialScrollTime = 30
static const int MaxScrollDelta = 100
static const double ScrollAccelValue = 1.04

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