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Rosegarden::ControlBlock Class Reference

#include <ControlBlock.h>

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Detailed Description

Sequencer control block, mmapped by the GUI

Definition at line 49 of file ControlBlock.h.

Public Member Functions

 ControlBlock ()
 ctor for sequencer - all data is read from mmapped file
 ControlBlock (unsigned int maxTrackId)
 ctor for GUI
InstrumentId getInstrumentForEvent (unsigned int dev, unsigned int chan)
InstrumentId getInstrumentForMetronome () const
InstrumentId getInstrumentForTrack (TrackId trackId) const
unsigned int getMaxTrackId () const
MidiFilter getRecordFilter () const
TrackId getSelectedTrack () const
MidiFilter getThruFilter () const
char getTrackChannelFilter (TrackId trackId) const
DeviceId getTrackDeviceFilter (TrackId trackId) const
bool isInstrumentMuted (InstrumentId instrumentId) const
bool isInstrumentUnused (InstrumentId instrumentId) const
bool isMetronomeMuted () const
bool isMidiRoutingEnabled () const
bool isSolo () const
bool isTrackArmed (TrackId trackId) const
bool isTrackDeleted (TrackId trackId) const
bool isTrackMuted (TrackId trackId) const
void setInstrumentForMetronome (InstrumentId instId)
void setInstrumentForTrack (TrackId trackId, InstrumentId)
void setMetronomeMuted (bool mute)
void setMidiRoutingEnabled (bool enabled)
void setRecordFilter (MidiFilter filter)
void setSelectedTrack (TrackId track)
void setSolo (bool value)
void setThruFilter (MidiFilter filter)
void setTrackArmed (TrackId trackId, bool)
void setTrackChannelFilter (TrackId trackId, char)
void setTrackDeleted (TrackId trackId, bool)
void setTrackDeviceFilter (TrackId trackId, DeviceId)
void setTrackMuted (TrackId trackId, bool)
void updateTrackData (Track *)

Protected Attributes

unsigned int m_maxTrackId
TrackInfo m_metronomeInfo
MidiFilter m_recordFilter
bool m_routing
TrackId m_selectedTrack
bool m_solo
MidiFilter m_thruFilter

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