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Rosegarden::TimeSignature Class Reference

#include <NotationTypes.h>

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Detailed Description

TimeSignature contains arithmetic methods relevant to time signatures and bar durations, including code for splitting long rest intervals into bite-sized chunks. Although there is a time signature Event type, these Events don't appear in regular Segments but only in the Composition's reference segment.

Definition at line 1005 of file NotationTypes.h.

Public Types

typedef Exception BadTimeSignature

Public Member Functions

timeT getBarDuration () const
timeT getBeatDuration () const
int getBeatsPerBar () const
int getDenominator () const
void getDivisions (int depth, std::vector< int > &divisions) const
void getDurationListForBar (DurationList &dlist) const
void getDurationListForInterval (DurationList &dlist, timeT intervalDuration, timeT startOffset=0) const
int getEmphasisForTime (timeT offset)
int getNumerator () const
Note::Type getUnit () const
timeT getUnitDuration () const
bool hasHiddenBars () const
bool isCommon () const
bool isDotted () const
bool isHidden () const
bool operator!= (const TimeSignature &ts) const
TimeSignatureoperator= (const TimeSignature &ts)
bool operator== (const TimeSignature &ts) const
 TimeSignature (const TimeSignature &ts)
 TimeSignature (int numerator, int denominator, bool preferCommon=false, bool hidden=false, bool hiddenBars=false)

Static Public Attributes

static const TimeSignature DefaultTimeSignature = TimeSignature(4, 4)

Private Member Functions

EventgetAsEvent (timeT absoluteTime) const
 Returned event is on heap; caller takes responsibility for ownership.
void setInternalDurations () const
 TimeSignature (const Event &e)

Private Attributes

int m_barDuration
int m_beatDivisionDuration
int m_beatDuration
bool m_common
int m_denominator
bool m_dotted
bool m_hidden
bool m_hiddenBars
int m_numerator

Static Private Attributes

static const PropertyName DenominatorPropertyName = "denominator"
static const int EventSubOrdering = -150
static const std::string EventType = "timesignature"
static const PropertyName HasHiddenBarsPropertyName = "hiddenbars"
static const PropertyName IsHiddenPropertyName = "hidden"
static const timeT m_crotchetTime = basePPQ
static const timeT m_dottedCrotchetTime = basePPQ + basePPQ/2
static const PropertyName NumeratorPropertyName = "numerator"
static const PropertyName ShowAsCommonTimePropertyName = "common"


class Composition
class TimeTempoSelection

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