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Rosegarden::Staff Class Reference

#include <Staff.h>

Inheritance diagram for Rosegarden::Staff:

Rosegarden::LinedStaff Rosegarden::NotationStaff

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Detailed Description

Staff is the base class for classes which represent a Segment as an on-screen graphic. It manages the relationship between Segment/Event and specific implementations of ViewElement.

The template argument T must be a subclass of ViewElement.

Staff was formerly known as ViewElementsManager.

Definition at line 45 of file Staff.h.

Public Member Functions

void addObserver (StaffObserver *obs)
virtual void appearanceChanged (const Segment *)
virtual void endMarkerTimeChanged (const Segment *, bool shorten)
virtual void eventAdded (const Segment *, Event *)
virtual void eventRemoved (const Segment *, Event *)
ViewElementList::iterator findEvent (Event *)
const Segment & getSegment () const
Segment & getSegment ()
ViewElementListgetViewElementList (Segment::iterator from, Segment::iterator to)
ViewElementListgetViewElementList ()
void removeObserver (StaffObserver *obs)
virtual void segmentDeleted (const Segment *)
virtual void startChanged (const Segment *, timeT)

Protected Types

typedef std::list
< StaffObserver * > 

Protected Member Functions

virtual ViewElementmakeViewElement (Event *)=0
void notifyAdd (ViewElement *) const
void notifyRemove (ViewElement *) const
void notifySourceDeletion () const
 Staff (Segment &)
virtual bool wrapEvent (Event *)

Protected Attributes

ObserverSet m_observers
Segment & m_segment

Private Member Functions

Staffoperator= (const Staff &)
 Staff (const Staff &)

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