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Rosegarden::Clef Class Reference

#include <NotationTypes.h>

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Detailed Description

Clefs are represented as one of a set of standard strings, stored within a clef Event. The Clef class defines those standards and provides a few bits of information about the clefs.

Definition at line 255 of file NotationTypes.h.

Public Types

typedef Exception BadClefName
typedef std::vector< ClefClefList

Public Member Functions

 Clef (const Clef &c)
 Clef (const std::string &s, int octaveOffset=0)
 Clef (const Event &e)
 Clef ()
EventgetAsEvent (timeT absoluteTime) const
 Returned event is on heap; caller takes responsibility for ownership.
int getAxisHeight () const
std::string getClefType () const
int getOctave () const
int getOctaveOffset () const
int getPitchOffset () const
int getTranspose () const
bool operator!= (const Clef &c) const
Clefoperator= (const Clef &c)
bool operator== (const Clef &c) const

Static Public Member Functions

static ClefList getClefs ()
static bool isValid (const Event &e)

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string Alto = "alto"
static const std::string Baritone = "baritone"
static const std::string Bass = "bass"
static const PropertyName ClefPropertyName = "clef"
static const Clef DefaultClef = Clef("treble")
static const int EventSubOrdering = -250
static const std::string EventType = "clefchange"
static const std::string French = "french"
static const std::string Mezzosoprano = "mezzosoprano"
static const PropertyName OctaveOffsetPropertyName = "octaveoffset"
static const std::string Soprano = "soprano"
static const std::string Subbass = "subbass"
static const std::string Tenor = "tenor"
static const std::string Treble = "treble"
static const std::string Varbaritone = "varbaritone"

Private Attributes

std::string m_clef
int m_octaveOffset

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