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void Rosegarden::RosegardenGUIApp::slotStateChanged ( QString  s,
bool  noReverse 
) [slot]

This slot is here to be connected to RosegardenGUIView's stateChange signal. We use a bool for the 2nd arg rather than a KXMLGUIClient::ReverseStateChange to spare the include of kxmlguiclient.h just for one typedef.

Hopefully we'll be able to get rid of this eventually, I should slip this in KMainWindow for KDE 4.

Definition at line 5986 of file RosegardenGUIApp.cpp.

Referenced by initView(), RosegardenGUIApp(), and slotDocumentModified().

    //     RG_DEBUG << "RosegardenGUIApp::slotStateChanged " << s << "," << noReverse << endl;

    stateChanged(s, noReverse ? KXMLGUIClient::StateNoReverse : KXMLGUIClient::StateReverse);

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