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void Rosegarden::RosegardenGUIApp::slotImportProject (  )  [slot]

Let the user select a Rosegarden Project file for import

Definition at line 3687 of file RosegardenGUIApp.cpp.

References importProject(), m_doc, and Rosegarden::RosegardenGUIDoc::saveIfModified().

Referenced by setupActions().

    if (m_doc && !m_doc->saveIfModified())
        return ;

    KURL url = KFileDialog::getOpenURL
                i18n("*.rgp|Rosegarden Project files\n*|All files"), this,
                i18n("Import Rosegarden Project File"));
    if (url.isEmpty()) {
        return ;

    QString tmpfile;
    KIO::NetAccess::download(url, tmpfile, this);



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