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void Rosegarden::RosegardenGUIApp::slotSequencerExited ( KProcess *   )  [slot]

Called when the sequencer auxiliary process exits

Definition at line 4837 of file RosegardenGUIApp.cpp.

Referenced by launchSequencer().

    RG_DEBUG << "RosegardenGUIApp::slotSequencerExited Sequencer exited\n";


    if (m_sequencerCheckedIn) {

        KMessageBox::error(0, i18n("The Rosegarden sequencer process has exited unexpectedly.  Sound and recording will no longer be available for this session.\nPlease exit and restart Rosegarden to restore sound capability."));

    } else {

        KMessageBox::error(0, i18n("The Rosegarden sequencer could not be started, so sound and recording will be unavailable for this session.\nFor assistance with correct audio and MIDI configuration, go to http://rosegardenmusic.com."));

    m_sequencerProcess = 0; // isSequencerRunning() will return false
    // but isUsingSequencer() will keep returning true
    // so pressing the play button may attempt to restart the sequencer

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