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// -*- c-indentation-style:"stroustrup" c-basic-offset: 4 -*-
    A sequencer and musical notation editor.
    Copyright 2000-2009 the Rosegarden development team.
    See the AUTHORS file for more details.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
    modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
    published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
    License, or (at your option) any later version.  See the file
    COPYING included with this distribution for more information.

#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <map>

#include "XmlExportable.h"

// An Instrument on needs to implement these to render an instance
// of the plugin at the sequencer.


namespace Rosegarden

typedef float PortData;

class PluginPort
    typedef enum
        Input    = 0x01,
        Output   = 0x02,
        Control  = 0x04,
        Audio    = 0x08
    } PortType;

    typedef enum
        NoHint      = 0x00,
        Toggled     = 0x01,
        Integer     = 0x02,
        Logarithmic = 0x04
    } PortDisplayHint;

    PluginPort(int number,
               std::string m_name,
               PortType type,
               PortDisplayHint displayHint,
               PortData lowerBound,
               PortData upperBound,
               PortData defaultValue);

    int getNumber() const { return m_number; }
    std::string getName() const { return m_name; }
    PortType getType() const { return m_type; }
    PortDisplayHint getDisplayHint() const { return m_displayHint; }
    PortData getLowerBound() const { return m_lowerBound; }
    PortData getUpperBound() const { return m_upperBound; }
    PortData getDefaultValue() const { return m_default; }


    int             m_number;
    std::string     m_name;
    PortType        m_type;
    PortDisplayHint m_displayHint;
    PortData        m_lowerBound;
    PortData        m_upperBound;
    PortData        m_default;

class PluginPortInstance
    PluginPortInstance(unsigned int n,
                       float v)
        : number(n), value(v), changedSinceProgramChange(false) {;}

    int number;
    PortData value;
    bool changedSinceProgramChange;

    void setValue(PortData v) { value = v; changedSinceProgramChange = true; }

typedef std::vector<PluginPortInstance*>::iterator PortInstanceIterator;

class AudioPluginInstance : public XmlExportable
    AudioPluginInstance(unsigned int position);

    AudioPluginInstance(std::string identifier,
                        unsigned int position);

    void setIdentifier(std::string identifier) { m_identifier = identifier; }
    std::string getIdentifier() const { return m_identifier; }

    void setPosition(unsigned int position) { m_position = position; }
    unsigned int getPosition() const { return m_position; }

    PortInstanceIterator begin() { return m_ports.begin(); }
    PortInstanceIterator end() { return m_ports.end(); }

    // Port management
    void addPort(int number, PortData value);
    bool removePort(int number);
    PluginPortInstance* getPort(int number);
    void clearPorts();

    unsigned int getPortCount() const { return m_ports.size(); }

    // export
    std::string toXmlString();

    // Is the instance assigned to a plugin?
    void setAssigned(bool ass) { m_assigned = ass; }
    bool isAssigned() const { return m_assigned; }

    void setBypass(bool bypass) { m_bypass = bypass; }
    bool isBypassed() const { return m_bypass; }

    void setProgram(std::string program);
    std::string getProgram() const { return m_program; }

    int getMappedId() const { return m_mappedId; }
    void setMappedId(int value) { m_mappedId = value; }

    typedef std::map<std::string, std::string> ConfigMap;
    void clearConfiguration() { m_config.clear(); }
    const ConfigMap &getConfiguration() { return m_config; }
    std::string getConfigurationValue(std::string k) const;
    void setConfigurationValue(std::string k, std::string v);

    std::string getDistinctiveConfigurationText() const;


    int                                m_mappedId;
    std::string                        m_identifier;
    std::vector<PluginPortInstance*>   m_ports;
    unsigned int                       m_position;

    // Is the plugin actually assigned i.e. should we create
    // a matching instance at the sequencer?
    bool                               m_assigned; 
    bool                               m_bypass;

    std::string                        m_program;

    ConfigMap                          m_config;



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