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Rosegarden::OpenOrCloseRangeCommand Class Reference

#include <OpenOrCloseRangeCommand.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void execute ()
virtual QString getName () const
 OpenOrCloseRangeCommand (Composition *composition, timeT rangeBegin, timeT rangeEnd, bool open)
virtual void setName (QString name)
virtual void unexecute ()

Protected Attributes

QString m_name

Private Attributes

timeT m_beginTime
timeT m_endTime
std::vector< Segment * > m_moving
bool m_opening
bool m_prepared
TempoSelection m_temposPost
TempoSelection m_temposPre
TimeSignatureSelection m_timesigsPost
TimeSignatureSelection m_timesigsPre

Detailed Description

Pull all segments, time sigs, tempos etc starting after the end of a given range back by the duration of that range, so as to fill in the (presumably empty) range itself.

This does not actually split any segments etc, it just moves them.

Definition at line 44 of file OpenOrCloseRangeCommand.h.

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