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Rosegarden::Segment Class Reference

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struct  ClefKeyCmp
class  EventRuler
struct  SegmentCmp

Public Types

typedef std::vector< EventRuler * > EventRulerList
typedef std::vector
< EventRuler * >
typedef std::vector
< EventRuler * >::iterator 
enum  SegmentType { Internal, Audio }

A Segment contains either Internal representation or Audio.

Public Member Functions

void addEventRuler (const std::string &type, int controllerValue=-1, bool active=0)
void addObserver (SegmentObserver *obs)
 For use by SegmentObserver objects like Composition & Staff.
void clear ()
void clearEndMarker ()
bool deleteEventRuler (const std::string &type, int controllerValue=-1)
void erase (iterator pos)
void erase (iterator from, iterator to)
bool eraseSingle (Event *)
void fillWithRests (timeT endTime)
void fillWithRests (timeT startTime, timeT endTime)
const_iterator findNearestTime (timeT time) const
iterator findNearestTime (timeT time)
iterator findSingle (Event *)
const_iterator findSingle (Event *e) const
iterator findTime (timeT time)
const_iterator findTime (timeT time) const
RealTime getAudioEndTime () const
unsigned int getAudioFileId () const
RealTime getAudioStartTime () const
timeT getBarEndForTime (timeT t) const
timeT getBarStartForTime (timeT t) const
Clef getClefAtTime (timeT time) const
Clef getClefAtTime (timeT time, timeT &ctime) const
timeT getClippedStartTime () const
unsigned int getColourIndex () const
CompositiongetComposition () const
timeT getDelay () const
iterator getEndMarker ()
timeT getEndMarkerTime () const
timeT getEndTime () const
EventRulergetEventRuler (const std::string &type, int controllerValue=-1)
EventRulerList & getEventRulerList ()
RealTime getFadeInTime () const
RealTime getFadeOutTime () const
void getFirstClefAndKey (Clef &clef, Key &key)
int getHighestPlayable ()
Key getKeyAtTime (timeT time) const
Key getKeyAtTime (timeT time, timeT &ktime) const
std::string getLabel () const
int getLowestPlayable ()
unsigned int getNewRefreshStatusId ()
bool getNextClefTime (timeT time, timeT &nextTime) const
int getNextId () const
bool getNextKeyTime (timeT time, timeT &nextTime) const
const BasicQuantizergetQuantizer () const
const timeT * getRawEndMarkerTime () const
RealTime getRealTimeDelay () const
SegmentRefreshStatusgetRefreshStatus (unsigned int id)
timeT getRepeatEndTime () const
int getRuntimeId () const
int getSnapGridSize () const
timeT getStartTime () const
float getStretchRatio () const
void getTimeSlice (timeT absoluteTime, iterator &start, iterator &end)
void getTimeSlice (timeT absoluteTime, const_iterator &start, const_iterator &end) const
TrackId getTrack () const
int getTranspose () const
SegmentType getType () const
unsigned int getUnstretchedFileId () const
int getViewFeatures () const
bool hasQuantization () const
iterator insert (Event *e)
bool isAutoFading () const
bool isBeforeEndMarker (const_iterator) const
bool isRepeating () const
void normalizeRests (timeT startTime, timeT endTime)
void removeObserver (SegmentObserver *obs)
 For use by SegmentObserver objects like Composition & Staff.
 Segment (const Segment &)
 Segment (SegmentType segmentType=Internal, timeT startTime=0)
void setAudioEndTime (const RealTime &time)
void setAudioFileId (unsigned int id)
void setAudioStartTime (const RealTime &time)
void setAutoFade (bool value)
void setColourIndex (const unsigned int input)
void setComposition (Composition *composition)
 Should only be called by Composition.
void setDelay (timeT delay)
void setEndMarkerTime (timeT)
void setEndTime (timeT)
void setFadeInTime (const RealTime &time)
void setFadeOutTime (const RealTime &time)
void setHighestPlayable (int pitch)
void setLabel (const std::string &label)
void setLowestPlayable (int pitch)
void setQuantization (bool quantize)
void setQuantizeLevel (timeT unit)
void setRealTimeDelay (RealTime delay)
void setRepeating (bool value)
void setSnapGridSize (int size)
void setStartTime (timeT)
void setStartTimeDataMember (timeT t)
void setStretchRatio (float ratio)
void setTrack (TrackId i)
void setTranspose (int transpose)
void setUnstretchedFileId (unsigned int id)
void setViewFeatures (int features)
void updateRefreshStatuses (timeT startTime, timeT endTime)

Private Types

typedef std::multiset< Event
*, ClefKeyCmp
typedef std::list
< SegmentObserver * > 

Private Member Functions

void notifyAdd (Event *) const
void notifyAppearanceChange () const
void notifyEndMarkerChange (bool shorten)
void notifyRemove (Event *) const
void notifySourceDeletion () const
void notifyStartChanged (timeT)
void notifyTransposeChange ()
Segmentoperator= (const Segment &)
void updateEndTime ()

Private Attributes

RealTime m_audioEndTime
unsigned int m_audioFileId
RealTime m_audioStartTime
bool m_autoFade
ClefKeyList * m_clefKeyList
unsigned int m_colourIndex
timeT m_delay
timeT * m_endMarkerTime
timeT m_endTime
EventRulerList m_eventRulerList
RealTime m_fadeInTime
RealTime m_fadeOutTime
int m_highestPlayable
int m_id
std::string m_label
int m_lowestPlayable
ObserverSet m_observers
bool m_quantize
BasicQuantizer *const m_quantizer
RealTime m_realTimeDelay
< SegmentRefreshStatus
bool m_repeating
int m_runtimeSegmentId
int m_snapGridSize
timeT m_startTime
float m_stretchRatio
TrackId m_track
int m_transpose
SegmentType m_type
unsigned int m_unstretchedFileId
int m_viewFeatures

Detailed Description

Definition at line 74 of file Segment.h.

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