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/* -*- c-basic-offset: 4 indent-tabs-mode: nil -*- vi:set ts=8 sts=4 sw=4: */

    A MIDI and audio sequencer and musical notation editor.
    Copyright 2000-2010 the Rosegarden development team.

    Other copyrights also apply to some parts of this work.  Please
    see the AUTHORS file and individual file headers for details.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
    modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
    published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
    License, or (at your option) any later version.  See the file
    COPYING included with this distribution for more information.


#include "StaffLayout.h"

#include "base/NotationTypes.h"
#include "gui/general/SelectionManager.h"
#include "gui/widgets/Thumbwheel.h"

#include <QWidget>
#include <QPushButton>
#include <QBoxLayout>

#include <vector>

class QGridLayout;
class QString;
class QGraphicsScene;
class QTimer;

namespace Rosegarden

class RosegardenDocument;
class Segment;
class NotationScene;
class Note;
class NotationToolBox;
class NotationTool;
class NotationMouseEvent;
class NotationStaff;
class ViewSegment;
class NotationElement;
class Panner;
class Panned;
class ZoomableRulerScale;
class StandardRuler;
class TempoRuler;
class ChordNameRuler;
class RawNoteRuler;
class ControlRulerWidget;
class HeadersGroup;

class NotationWidget : public QWidget,
                       public SelectionManager

    virtual ~NotationWidget();

    void setSegments(RosegardenDocument *document, 
                     std::vector<Segment *> segments);

    NotationScene *getScene() { return m_scene; }

    virtual EventSelection *getSelection() const;
    virtual void setSelection(EventSelection* s, bool preview);

    timeT getInsertionTime() const;

    bool isInChordMode() { return m_chordMode; }
    bool isInTripletMode() { return m_tripletMode; }
    bool isInGraceMode() { return m_graceMode; }

    void setChordMode(bool state = true) { m_chordMode = state; }
    void setTripletMode(bool state = true) { m_tripletMode = state;}
    void setGraceMode(bool state = true) { m_graceMode = state; }

    bool getPlayTracking() const { return m_playTracking; }

    NotationToolBox *getToolBox() { return m_toolBox; }
    NotationTool *getCurrentTool() const;

    void setCanvasCursor(QCursor cursor);

    Segment *getCurrentSegment();
    Device  *getCurrentDevice();
    bool segmentsContainNotes() const;

    void setTempoRulerVisible(bool visible);
    void setChordNameRulerVisible(bool visible);
    void setRawNoteRulerVisible(bool visible);
    void setHeadersVisible(bool visible);
    void setHeadersVisibleIfNeeded();
    void toggleHeadersView();

    double getViewLeftX();
    double getViewRightX();
    int getNotationViewWidth();
    double getNotationSceneHeight();

    void suspendLayoutUpdates();
    void resumeLayoutUpdates();

    void setPointerPosition(timeT);

    void setHorizontalZoomFactor(double factor);
    void setVerticalZoomFactor(double factor);

    double getHorizontalZoomFactor() const;
    double getVerticalZoomFactor() const;

    void segmentDeleted(Segment *);
    void sceneDeleted();
    void toolChanged(QString);
    void hoveredOverNoteChanged(QString);
    void headersVisibilityChanged(bool);

public slots:
    void slotSetTool(QString name);
    void slotSetSelectTool();
    void slotSetEraseTool();
    void slotSetNoteRestInserter();
    void slotSetNoteInserter();
    void slotSetRestInserter();
    void slotSetInsertedNote(Note::Type type, int dots);
    void slotSetAccidental(Accidental accidental, bool follow);
    void slotSetClefInserter();
    void slotSetInsertedClef(Clef type);
    void slotSetTextInserter();
    void slotSetGuitarChordInserter();
    void slotSetLinearMode();
    void slotSetContinuousPageMode();
    void slotSetMultiPageMode();
    void slotSetFontName(QString);
    void slotSetFontSize(int);
    void slotSetPlayTracking(bool);
    void slotTogglePlayTracking();
    void slotSetSymbolInserter();
    void slotSetInsertedSymbol(Symbol type);

    void slotToggleVelocityRuler();
    void slotTogglePitchbendRuler();
    void slotAddControlRuler(QAction*);

    void slotUpdatePointerPosition();
    void slotRegenerateHeaders();

    virtual void showEvent(QShowEvent * event);
    void hideOrShowRulers();

protected slots:
    void slotDispatchMousePress(const NotationMouseEvent *);
    void slotDispatchMouseRelease(const NotationMouseEvent *);
    void slotDispatchMouseMove(const NotationMouseEvent *);
    void slotDispatchMouseDoubleClick(const NotationMouseEvent *);

    // When moveView is false, the view is not scrolled toward the pointer
    void slotPointerPositionChanged(timeT t, bool moveView = true);
    void slotEnsureLastMouseMoveVisible();

    void slotZoomInFromPanner();
    void slotZoomOutFromPanner();

    void slotHScroll();
    void slotHScrollBarRangeChanged(int min, int max);

    /// The horizontal zoom thumbwheel moved
    void slotHorizontalThumbwheelMoved(int);

    /// The vertical zoom thumbwheel moved
    void slotVerticalThumbwheelMoved(int);

    /// The primary (combined axes) thumbwheel moved
    void slotPrimaryThumbwheelMoved(int);

    /// Reset the zoom to 100% and reset the zoomy wheels
    void slotResetZoomClicked();

    /// Trap a zoom in from the panner and sync it to the primary thumb wheel
    void slotSyncPannerZoomIn();

    /// Trap a zoom out from the panner and sync it to the primary thumb wheel
    void slotSyncPannerZoomOut();

    void slotGenerateHeaders();
    void slotShowHeaderToolTip(QString toolTipText);
    void slotHeadersResized(int width);
    void slotAdjustHeadersHorizontalPos(bool last);
    void slotAdjustHeadersVerticalPos(QRectF r);
    void slotCloseHeaders();

    /// The segment control thumbwheel moved
    void slotSegmentChangerMoved(int);
    void slotInitialHSliderHack(int);
    void slotInitialVSliderHack(int);

    void slotUpdateRawNoteRuler(ViewSegment *);
    void slotUpdateSegmentChangerBackground();

signals :
    void adjustNeeded(bool last);
    void editElement(NotationStaff *, NotationElement *, bool advanced);
    void currentSegmentPrior();
    void currentSegmentNext();

    RosegardenDocument *m_document; // I do not own this
    Panned *m_view; // I own this
    Panner *m_hpanner; // I own this
    NotationScene *m_scene; // I own this
    int m_leftGutter;
    NotationToolBox *m_toolBox;
    NotationTool *m_currentTool;
    bool m_playTracking;
    bool m_inMove;
    QPointF m_lastMouseMoveScenePos;
    double m_hZoomFactor;
    double m_vZoomFactor;
    ZoomableRulerScale *m_referenceScale; // I own this (refers to scene scale)

    QWidget     *m_panner;
    QBoxLayout  *m_pannerLayout;
    Thumbwheel  *m_HVzoom;
    Thumbwheel  *m_Hzoom;
    Thumbwheel  *m_Vzoom;
    QPushButton *m_reset;

    /** The primary zoom wheel behaves just like using the mouse wheel over any
     * part of the Panner.  We don't need to keep track of absolute values here,
     * just whether we rolled up or down.  We'll do that by keeping track of the
     * last setting and comparing it to see which way it moved.
    int m_lastHVzoomValue;
    bool m_lastZoomWasHV;
    int m_lastV;
    int m_lastH;

    QWidget *m_changerWidget;
    Thumbwheel  *m_HsegmentChanger;
    Thumbwheel  *m_VsegmentChanger;
    int m_lastSegmentChangerValue;

    StandardRuler *m_topStandardRuler; // I own this
    StandardRuler *m_bottomStandardRuler; // I own this
    TempoRuler *m_tempoRuler; // I own this
    ChordNameRuler *m_chordNameRuler; // I own this
    RawNoteRuler *m_rawNoteRuler; // I own this
    ControlRulerWidget *m_controlsWidget; // I own this

    HeadersGroup *m_headersGroup; // I own this
    Panned *m_headersView; // I own this
    QGraphicsScene *m_headersScene; // I own this
    QWidget *m_headersButtons; // I own this
    double m_headersLastY;
    bool m_headersNeedRegeneration;
    QTimer *m_headersTimer; // I own this

    QGridLayout *m_layout; // I own this

    bool m_linearMode;
    bool m_tempoRulerIsVisible;         // Only valid in linear mode
    bool m_rawNoteRulerIsVisible;       // Only valid in linear mode
    bool m_chordNameRulerIsVisible;     // Only valid in linear mode
    bool m_headersAreVisible;           // Only valid in linear mode

    bool m_chordMode;
    bool m_tripletMode;
    bool m_graceMode;

    bool m_updatesSuspended;

    void locatePanner(bool vertical);

    bool m_hSliderHacked;
    bool m_vSliderHacked;

    bool m_Thorn;

     * Widgets vertical positions inside the main QGridLayout
    enum {

     * Widgets horizontal positions inside the main QGridLayout
    enum {





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