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void Rosegarden::Clipboard::copyFrom ( const Clipboard c  ) 

Clear the current clipboard and re-fill it by copying from c.

Definition at line 338 of file Clipboard.cpp.

References begin(), clear(), end(), m_haveTempoSelection, m_haveTimeSigSelection, m_nominalEnd, m_nominalStart, m_partial, m_tempoSelection, m_timeSigSelection, and newSegment().

    if (c == this) return;

    for (Clipboard::const_iterator i = c->begin(); i != c->end(); ++i) {

    m_partial = c->m_partial;

    m_timeSigSelection = c->m_timeSigSelection;
    m_haveTimeSigSelection = c->m_haveTimeSigSelection;

    m_tempoSelection = c->m_tempoSelection;
    m_haveTempoSelection = c->m_haveTempoSelection;
    m_nominalStart = c->m_nominalStart;
    m_nominalEnd = c->m_nominalEnd;

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