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/* -*- c-basic-offset: 4 indent-tabs-mode: nil -*- vi:set ts=8 sts=4 sw=4: */

    A MIDI and audio sequencer and musical notation editor.
    Copyright 2000-2011 the Rosegarden development team.

    Other copyrights also apply to some parts of this work.  Please
    see the AUTHORS file and individual file headers for details.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
    modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
    published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
    License, or (at your option) any later version.  See the file
    COPYING included with this distribution for more information.


#include <QGraphicsScene>

#include "base/NotationTypes.h"
#include "base/Composition.h"
#include "gui/general/SelectionManager.h"
#include "StaffLayout.h"
#include "NotePixmapFactory.h"

class QGraphicsItem;
class QGraphicsTextItem;

namespace Rosegarden

class NotationStaff;
class NotationHLayout;
class NotationVLayout;
class NotePixmapFactory;
class NotationProperties;
class NotationMouseEvent;
class EventSelection;
class Event;
class NotationScene;
class NotationElement;
class NotationWidget;
class RosegardenDocument;
class Segment;
class ViewSegment;
class RulerScale;

typedef std::map<int, int> TrackIntMap;

00053 class NotationScene : public QGraphicsScene,
                      public CompositionObserver,
                      public SelectionManager


    void setNotationWidget(NotationWidget *w);
    void setStaffs(RosegardenDocument *document, std::vector<Segment *> segments);

    std::vector<NotationStaff *> *getStaffs() { return &m_staffs; }

    /** Returns the total number of staffs irrespective of whether they are
      * visible individually or not.  This may return a number higher than the
      * apparent number of staffs, due to segment overlaps.
      * If there are five total staffs spread across two apparent staffs, this
      * returns 5.
00075     unsigned int getStaffCount() { return m_staffs.size(); }

    /** Returns the number of staffs that are visible individually as discrete
     * staffs, irrespective of how many real staffs might be represented by each
     * apparent staff.
     * If there are five total staffs spread across two apparent staffs, this
     * returns 2.
00084     unsigned int getVisibleStaffCount() { return m_visibleStaffs; }

    int getCurrentStaffNumber() { return m_currentStaff; }
    NotationStaff *getCurrentStaff();
    void setCurrentStaff(NotationStaff *);

    NotationStaff *getStaffAbove();
    NotationStaff *getStaffBelow();
    NotationStaff *getPriorStaffOnTrack();
    NotationStaff *getNextStaffOnTrack();
    NotationStaff *getStaffForSceneCoords(double x, int y) const;

    NotationStaff *getNextStaffVertically(int direction);
    NotationStaff *getNextStaffHorizontally(int direction, bool cycle);

    Segment *getCurrentSegment();

    bool segmentsContainNotes() const;

    //!!! to keep current staff implementation happy:
00105     bool isInPrintMode() const { return false; }
    NotationHLayout *getHLayout() { return m_hlayout; }
    NotationVLayout *getVLayout() { return m_vlayout; }
    NotationProperties &getProperties() { return *m_properties; }
    RosegardenDocument *getDocument() { return m_document; }
    NotePixmapFactory *getNotePixmapFactory() { return m_notePixmapFactory; }

    virtual EventSelection *getSelection() const { return m_selection; }
    virtual void setSelection(EventSelection* s, bool preview);

    timeT getInsertionTime() const;

00117     struct CursorCoordinates {
        QLineF currentStaff;
        QLineF allStaffs;

    CursorCoordinates getCursorCoordinates(timeT t) const;
    timeT snapTimeToNoteBoundary(timeT t) const;

    void setSingleSelectedEvent(NotationStaff *staff,
                                NotationElement *e,
                                bool preview);

    void setSingleSelectedEvent(Segment *segment,
                                Event *e,
                                bool preview);

    StaffLayout::PageMode getPageMode() const { return m_pageMode; } 
    void setPageMode(StaffLayout::PageMode mode);

    QString getFontName() const;
    void setFontName(QString);

    int getFontSize() const;
    void setFontSize(int);

    int getHSpacing() const;
    void setHSpacing(int);

    int getLeftGutter() const;
    void setLeftGutter(int);
    const RulerScale *getRulerScale() const;

    void suspendLayoutUpdates();
    void resumeLayoutUpdates();

     * Show and sound the given note.  The height is used for display,
     * the pitch for performance, so the two need not correspond (e.g.
     * under ottava there may be octave differences).
    void showPreviewNote(NotationStaff *staff, double layoutX,
                         int pitch, int height,
                         const Note &note,
                         bool grace,
                         int velocity = -1);

    /// Remove any visible preview note
    void clearPreviewNote(NotationStaff *);

    void playNote(Segment &segment, int pitch, int velocity = -1);

    bool constrainToSegmentArea(QPointF &scenePos);

    // more dubious:
    void handleEventRemoved(Event *);
    bool areAnnotationsVisible() { return true; }
    bool areLilyPondDirectivesVisible() { return true; }

    int getMinTrack() { return m_minTrack; }
    int getMaxTrack() { return m_maxTrack; }
    TrackIntMap *getTrackHeights() { return &m_trackHeights; }
    TrackIntMap *getTrackCoords() { return &m_trackCoords; }

    void mousePressed(const NotationMouseEvent *e);
    void mouseMoved(const NotationMouseEvent *e);
    void mouseReleased(const NotationMouseEvent *e);
    void mouseDoubleClicked(const NotationMouseEvent *e);

    void segmentDeleted(Segment *);
    void sceneDeleted(); // all segments have been removed

    void eventRemoved(Event *);
    void selectionChanged();
    void selectionChanged(EventSelection *);
    void layoutUpdated(timeT,timeT);
    void staffsPositionned();

    void currentStaffChanged();
    void currentViewSegmentChanged(ViewSegment *);

     * Emitted when the mouse cursor moves to a different height
     * on the staff
     * \a noteName contains the MIDI name of the corresponding note
//!!!    void hoveredOverNoteChanged(const QString &noteName);

     * Emitted when the mouse cursor moves to a note which is at a
     * different time
     * \a time is set to the absolute time of the note the cursor is
     * hovering on
//!!!    void hoveredOverAbsoluteTimeChanged(unsigned int time);

protected slots:    
    void slotCommandExecuted();

    void mousePressEvent(QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *);
    void mouseMoveEvent(QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *);
    void mouseReleaseEvent(QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *);
    void mouseDoubleClickEvent(QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *);

    void segmentRemoved(const Composition *, Segment *); // CompositionObserver
    void timeSignatureChanged(const Composition *); // CompositionObserver

    void setNotePixmapFactories(QString fontName = "", int size = -1);

    NotationWidget *m_widget; // I do not own this

    RosegardenDocument *m_document; // I do not own this
    NotationProperties *m_properties; // I own this

    NotePixmapFactory *m_notePixmapFactory; // I own this
    NotePixmapFactory *m_notePixmapFactorySmall; // I own this

    std::vector<Segment *> m_segments; // I do not own these
    std::vector<NotationStaff *> m_staffs; // I own these

    EventSelection *m_selection; // I own this

    NotationHLayout *m_hlayout; // I own this
    NotationVLayout *m_vlayout; // I own this

    QGraphicsTextItem *m_title;
    QGraphicsTextItem *m_subtitle;
    QGraphicsTextItem *m_composer;
    QGraphicsTextItem *m_copyright;

    std::vector<QGraphicsItem *> m_pages;
    std::vector<QGraphicsItem *> m_pageNumbers;
    StaffLayout::PageMode m_pageMode;
    int m_printSize;
    int m_leftGutter;

    int m_currentStaff;
    int m_visibleStaffs;

    unsigned int m_compositionRefreshStatusId;
    bool m_timeSignatureChanged;

    bool m_updatesSuspended;

    /// Returns the page width according to the layout mode (page/linear)
    int getPageWidth();

    /// Returns the page height according to the layout mode (page/linear)
    int getPageHeight();

    /// Returns the margins within the page (zero if not in MultiPageMode)
    void getPageMargins(int &left, int &top);

    void setupMouseEvent(QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *, NotationMouseEvent &);

    void checkUpdate();
    void positionStaffs();
    void layoutAll();
    void layout(NotationStaff *singleStaff, timeT start, timeT end);

    NotationStaff *setSelectionElementStatus(EventSelection *, bool set);
    void previewSelection(EventSelection *, EventSelection *oldSelection);

    int m_minTrack;
    int m_maxTrack;

    TrackIntMap m_trackHeights;
    TrackIntMap m_trackCoords;



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