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Rosegarden::BasicCommand Class Reference

#include <BasicCommand.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void execute ()
timeT getEndTime ()
virtual QString getName () const
virtual timeT getRelayoutEndTime ()
virtual SegmentgetSegment ()
timeT getStartTime ()
virtual EventSelectiongetSubsequentSelection ()
 events selected after command; 0 if no change / no meaningful selection
virtual void setName (QString name)
virtual void unexecute ()

Protected Member Functions

 BasicCommand (const QString &name, Segment &segment, timeT start, timeT end, bool bruteForceRedoRequired=false)
virtual void beginExecute ()
virtual void modifySegment ()=0

Protected Attributes

QString m_name

Private Member Functions

timeT calculateEndTime (timeT given, Segment &segment)
timeT calculateStartTime (timeT given, Segment &segment)
void copyFrom (Segment *)
void copyTo (Segment *)

Private Attributes

bool m_doBruteForceRedo
timeT m_endTime
Segment m_savedEvents
timeT m_startTime

Detailed Description

BasicCommand is an abstract subclass of Command that manages undo, redo and notification of changes within a contiguous region of a single Rosegarden Segment, by brute force. When a subclass of BasicCommand executes, it stores a copy of the events that are modified by the command, ready to be restored verbatim on undo.

Definition at line 43 of file BasicCommand.h.

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