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Rosegarden::EventSelection Class Reference

#include <Selection.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::multiset< Event
*, Event::EventCmp
typedef std::vector< std::pair
< Segment::iterator,
Segment::iterator > > 
typedef std::vector< std::pair
< timeT, timeT > > 

Public Member Functions

void addEvent (Event *e)
void addFromSelection (EventSelection *sel)
void addObserver (EventSelectionObserver *obs)
virtual void appearanceChanged (const Segment *)
bool contains (Event *e) const
bool contains (const std::string &eventType) const
virtual void endMarkerTimeChanged (const Segment *, bool)
virtual void eventAdded (const Segment *, Event *)
virtual void eventRemoved (const Segment *, Event *)
 EventSelection (Segment &, timeT beginTime, timeT endTime, bool overlap=false)
 EventSelection (const EventSelection &)
 EventSelection (Segment &)
unsigned int getAddedEvents () const
timeT getEndTime () const
timeT getNotationEndTime () const
timeT getNotationStartTime () const
RangeList getRanges () const
RangeTimeList getRangeTimes () const
const SegmentgetSegment () const
SegmentgetSegment ()
const eventcontainer & getSegmentEvents () const
eventcontainer & getSegmentEvents ()
timeT getStartTime () const
timeT getTotalDuration () const
timeT getTotalNotationDuration () const
bool operator== (const EventSelection &)
void removeEvent (Event *e)
void removeObserver (EventSelectionObserver *obs)
virtual void segmentDeleted (const Segment *)
virtual void startChanged (const Segment *, timeT)
virtual void transposeChanged (const Segment *, int)

Protected Attributes

timeT m_beginTime
timeT m_endTime
bool m_haveRealStartTime
eventcontainer m_segmentEvents
 pointers to Events in the original Segment

Private Types

typedef void(EventSelection::* EventFuncPtr )(Event *e)
typedef std::list
< EventSelectionObserver * > 

Private Member Functions

void addRemoveEvent (Event *e, EventFuncPtr insertEraseFn)
void eraseThisEvent (Event *e)
void insertThisEvent (Event *e)
EventSelectionoperator= (const EventSelection &)

Private Attributes

ObserverSet m_observers

Detailed Description

EventSelection records a (possibly non-contiguous) selection of the Events that are contained in a single Segment, used for cut'n paste operations. It does not take a copy of those Events, it just remembers which ones they are.

Definition at line 43 of file Selection.h.

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