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Rosegarden::Instrument Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  InstrumentType { Midi, Audio, SoftSynth }

Public Member Functions

void addPlugin (AudioPluginInstance *instance)
PluginInstanceIterator beginPlugins ()
void clearPlugins ()
void clearStaticControllers ()
void emptyPlugins ()
PluginInstanceIterator endPlugins ()
virtual std::string getAlias () const
unsigned int getAudioChannels () const
int getAudioInput (bool &isBuss, int &channel) const
BussId getAudioOutput () const
MidiByte getControllerValue (MidiByte controller) const
DevicegetDevice () const
InstrumentId getId () const
InstrumentType getInstrumentType ()
const MidiKeyMappinggetKeyMapping () const
float getLevel () const
virtual QString getLocalizedPresentationName () const
MidiByte getLSB () const
int getMappedId () const
MidiByte getMidiChannel () const
MidiByte getMidiTranspose () const
MidiByte getMSB () const
virtual std::string getName () const
MidiByte getPan () const
AudioPluginInstancegetPlugin (unsigned int position)
virtual std::string getPresentationName () const
virtual unsigned int getPresentationNumber () const
const MidiProgramgetProgram () const
MidiByte getProgramChange () const
std::string getProgramName () const
float getRecordLevel () const
StaticControllers & getStaticControllers ()
InstrumentType getType () const
MidiByte getVolume () const
 Instrument (InstrumentId id, InstrumentType it, const std::string &name, MidiByte channel, Device *device)
 Instrument (const Instrument &)
 Instrument (InstrumentId id, InstrumentType it, const std::string &name, Device *device)
bool isPercussion () const
Instrumentoperator= (const Instrument &)
bool removePlugin (unsigned int position)
void removeStaticController (MidiByte controller)
bool sendsBankSelect () const
bool sendsPan () const
bool sendsProgramChange () const
bool sendsVolume () const
void setAlias (const std::string &alias)
void setAudioChannels (unsigned int ch)
void setAudioInputToBuss (BussId buss, int channel=0)
void setAudioInputToRecord (int recordIn, int channel=0)
void setAudioOutput (BussId buss)
void setControllerValue (MidiByte controller, MidiByte value)
void setDevice (Device *dev)
void setId (InstrumentId id)
void setLevel (float dB)
void setLSB (MidiByte msb)
void setMappedId (int id)
void setMidiChannel (MidiByte mC)
void setMidiTranspose (MidiByte mT)
void setMSB (MidiByte msb)
void setName (const std::string &name)
void setPan (MidiByte pan)
void setPercussion (bool percussion)
void setProgram (const MidiProgram &program)
void setProgramChange (MidiByte program)
void setRecordLevel (float dB)
void setSendBankSelect (bool value)
void setSendPan (bool value)
void setSendProgramChange (bool value)
void setSendVolume (bool value)
void setType (InstrumentType type)
void setVolume (MidiByte volume)
virtual std::string toXmlString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string encode (const std::string &)

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned int PLUGIN_COUNT = 5
static const unsigned int SYNTH_PLUGIN_POSITION = 999

Protected Attributes

< AudioPluginInstance * > 

Private Attributes

std::string m_alias
int m_audioInput
int m_audioInputChannel
BussId m_audioOutput
MidiByte m_channel
InstrumentId m_id
float m_level
int m_mappedId
std::string m_name
MidiByte m_pan
MidiProgram m_program
float m_recordLevel
bool m_sendBankSelect
bool m_sendPan
bool m_sendProgramChange
bool m_sendVolume
StaticControllers m_staticControllers
MidiByte m_transpose
InstrumentType m_type
MidiByte m_volume

Detailed Description

Definition at line 100 of file Instrument.h.

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