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Rosegarden::Studio Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addBuss (Buss *buss)
void addDevice (const std::string &name, DeviceId id, InstrumentId baseInstrumentId, Device::DeviceType type)
void addRecordIn (RecordIn *ri)
InstrumentassignMidiProgramToInstrument (MidiByte program, bool percussion)
InstrumentassignMidiProgramToInstrument (MidiByte program, int msb, int lsb, bool percussion)
DeviceListConstIterator begin () const
void clear ()
void clearBusses ()
void clearMidiBanksAndPrograms ()
void clearRecordIns ()
DeviceListConstIterator end () const
InstrumentList getAllInstruments ()
DevicegetAudioDevice ()
InstrumentId getAudioPreviewInstrument ()
BussgetBussById (BussId id)
BussList getBusses ()
PluginContainergetContainerById (InstrumentId id)
DevicegetDevice (DeviceId id)
DeviceList * getDevices ()
InstrumentgetInstrumentById (InstrumentId id)
InstrumentgetInstrumentFor (Segment *)
InstrumentgetInstrumentFor (Track *)
InstrumentgetInstrumentFromList (int index)
DeviceId getMetronomeDevice () const
const MidiMetronomegetMetronomeFromDevice (DeviceId id)
MidiFilter getMIDIRecordFilter () const
MidiFilter getMIDIThruFilter () const
unsigned int getMixerDisplayOptions () const
InstrumentList getPresentationInstruments ()
RecordIngetRecordIn (int number)
RecordInList getRecordIns ()
std::string getSegmentName (InstrumentId id)
DevicegetSoftSynthDevice ()
DeviceId getSpareDeviceId (InstrumentId &baseInstrumentId)
bool haveMidiDevices () const
void removeDevice (DeviceId id)
void setMetronomeDevice (DeviceId device)
void setMIDIRecordFilter (MidiFilter filter)
void setMIDIThruFilter (MidiFilter filter)
void setMixerDisplayOptions (unsigned int options)
virtual std::string toXmlString ()
virtual std::string toXmlString (const std::vector< DeviceId > &devices)
void unassignAllInstruments ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string encode (const std::string &)

Private Member Functions

Studiooperator= (const Studio &)
 Studio (const Studio &)

Private Attributes

int m_audioInputs
BussList m_busses
DeviceList m_devices
DeviceId m_metronomeDevice
MidiFilter m_midiRecordFilter
MidiFilter m_midiThruFilter
unsigned int m_mixerDisplayOptions
RecordInList m_recordIns

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file Studio.h.

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