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Rosegarden::Track Class Reference

#include <Track.h>

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Public Member Functions

int getClef ()
int getColor ()
int getHighestPlayable ()
TrackId getId () const
InstrumentId getInstrument () const
std::string getLabel () const
int getLowestPlayable ()
char getMidiInputChannel () const
DeviceId getMidiInputDevice () const
CompositiongetOwningComposition ()
int getPosition () const
std::string getPresetLabel () const
int getStaffBracket ()
int getStaffSize ()
int getTranspose ()
bool isArmed () const
bool isMuted () const
void setArmed (bool armed)
void setClef (int clef)
void setColor (int color)
void setHighestPlayable (int pitch)
void setId (TrackId id)
void setInstrument (InstrumentId instrument)
void setLabel (const std::string &label)
void setLowestPlayable (int pitch)
void setMidiInputChannel (char ic)
void setMidiInputDevice (DeviceId id)
void setMuted (bool muted)
void setPosition (int position)
void setPresetLabel (const std::string &label)
void setStaffBracket (int index)
void setStaffSize (int index)
void setTranspose (int transpose)
virtual std::string toXmlString ()
 Track (TrackId id, InstrumentId instrument=0, int position=0, const std::string &label="", bool muted=false)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string encode (const std::string &)

Protected Member Functions

void setOwningComposition (Composition *comp)

Private Member Functions

Track operator= (const Track &)
 Track (const Track &)

Private Attributes

bool m_armed
int m_clef
int m_color
int m_highestPlayable
TrackId m_id
char m_input_channel
DeviceId m_input_device
InstrumentId m_instrument
std::string m_label
int m_lowestPlayable
bool m_muted
int m_position
std::string m_presetLabel
int m_staffBracket
int m_staffSize
int m_transpose


class Composition

Detailed Description

A Track represents a line on the SegmentCanvas on the Rosegarden GUI. A Track is owned by a Composition and has reference to an Instrument from which the playback characteristics of the Track can be derived. A Track has no type itself - the type comes only from the Instrument relationship.

Definition at line 48 of file Track.h.

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