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Rosegarden::TrackParameterBox Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Rosegarden::TrackParameterBox:
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Public Slots

void slotClefChanged (int clef)
void slotColorChanged (int index)
void slotDocColoursChanged ()
void slotHighestPressed ()
void slotInstrumentChanged (int index)
void slotInstrumentLabelChanged (InstrumentId id, QString label)
void slotLowestPressed ()
void slotPlaybackDeviceChanged (int index)
void slotPopulateDeviceLists ()
void slotPresetPressed ()
void slotRecordingChannelChanged (int index)
void slotRecordingDeviceChanged (int index)
void slotSelectedTrackChanged ()
void slotSelectedTrackNameChanged ()
void slotStaffBracketChanged (int index)
void slotStaffSizeChanged (int index)
void slotTransposeChanged (int transpose)
void slotTransposeIndexChanged (int index)
void slotTransposeTextChanged (QString text)
void slotUpdateControls (int)


void instrumentSelected (TrackId, int)

Public Member Functions

virtual void compositionDeleted (const Composition *)
virtual void endMarkerTimeChanged (const Composition *, bool)
QString getLongLabel () const
virtual QString getPreviousBox (RosegardenParameterArea::Arrangement) const
QString getShortLabel () const
bool isCompositionDeleted ()
virtual void metronomeChanged (const Composition *)
virtual void segmentAdded (const Composition *, Segment *)
virtual void segmentEndMarkerChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, bool)
virtual void segmentEventsTimingChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, timeT, RealTime)
virtual void segmentRemoved (const Composition *, Segment *)
virtual void segmentRepeatChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, bool)
virtual void segmentRepeatEndChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, timeT)
virtual void segmentStartChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, timeT)
virtual void segmentTrackChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, TrackId)
virtual void segmentTransposeChanged (const Composition *, Segment *, int)
void setDocument (RosegardenDocument *doc)
virtual void showAdditionalControls (bool)
virtual void soloChanged (const Composition *, bool, TrackId)
virtual void tempoChanged (const Composition *)
virtual void timeSignatureChanged (const Composition *)
virtual void trackChanged (const Composition *, Track *)
virtual void trackDeleted (const Composition *, TrackId)
 TrackParameterBox (RosegardenDocument *doc, QWidget *parent=0)

Protected Types


Protected Member Functions

void init ()
void populatePlaybackDeviceList ()
void populateRecordingDeviceList ()
void setLayoutMode (LayoutMode mode)
void updateHighLow ()

Protected Attributes

bool m_compositionDeleted
QFont m_font
QString m_longLabel
LayoutMode m_mode
QString m_shortLabel

Private Types

typedef std::vector< DeviceId > IdsVector

Private Attributes

int m_addColourPos
QLabel * m_clefLbl
QLabel * m_colorLbl
ColourTable::ColourList m_colourList
QFrame * m_defaultsGroup
QComboBox * m_defClef
QComboBox * m_defColor
QComboBox * m_defTranspose
QLabel * m_grandStaffLbl
QPushButton * m_highButton
int m_highestPlayable
QComboBox * m_instrument
std::map< DeviceId, IdsVector > m_instrumentIds
std::map< DeviceId, QStringList > m_instrumentNames
char m_lastInstrumentType
QPushButton * m_lowButton
int m_lowestPlayable
QFrame * m_playbackGroup
QComboBox * m_playDevice
IdsVector m_playDeviceIds
QPushButton * m_presetButton
QLabel * m_presetLbl
QLabel * m_psetLbl
QLabel * m_rangeLbl
QComboBox * m_recChannel
QComboBox * m_recDevice
IdsVector m_recDeviceIds
QFrame * m_recordGroup
QLabel * m_segHeader
int m_selectedTrackId
QComboBox * m_staffBracketCombo
QFrame * m_staffGroup
QLabel * m_staffGrpLbl
QComboBox * m_staffSizeCombo
QLabel * m_trackLabel
QLabel * m_transpLbl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file TrackParameterBox.h.

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